We have been finding out about different explorers and their discoveries. We were really interested to find out that people used to think that the world was flat. We liked the wonder http://wonderopolis.org/wonder/what-is-your-quest/ and we have been writing QUEST stories.
Wouldn’t it be great to be the first person to discover a new place? Where in the world would you like to explore and why?
If you are from a different country can you tell us about your place so we can decide if we would like to be an explorer there?
Ms B

Explorer Maps we have made




14 thoughts on “Explorers

  1. Hi,
    I would love to explore India because there are so many different creature that I would like to see!
    I would also like to see the different food that they eat. That is why I would like to explore India. From Monique. (:

  2. Yes it would be great miss B to find a new place wouldn’t it.

    My explorer is Ferdinand Magellan
    He was born on the 27 of April 1480
    His main discovery was to find the Magellan strait

    Who is your explorer can you tell me about them?

    by max

    • Hi Max
      My explorer is Captain Cook
      He discovered Australia
      He died by several stabs on his third voyage

      Hope Easter Bunny comes to your house

  3. Hi miss B
    If I could discover anywhere it would be Tasmania because it is a nice place to live and discover. I love the animals and nature parks. The lovely people the nice town. The capital is Hobart. What’s your favourite part of Tasmania?

  4. Hey I would have liked to discover United States I like the big buildings and people What place would you like to discover is it the United States? By Kai

  5. Hi guys hope you like blogging and now to answer miss b’s question. I would like to explore in the northern hemisphere around Canada because I’ve never been there and it looks so cool!
    If you found new land what would you call it?
    Bye guys! Jayson

  6. Hi Mrs B
    I would like to explore and find Croatia because it looks like a nice place to live and explore and I would be rich for finding new land. Would anyone like to go to Croatia ?

    By Caleb

  7. Hi Mrs B
    I would like to Explore Cape York because it is the tip of Australia and there is beautiful coral reefs up there. Have any of you been?
    By Logan

  8. Hi miss B.
    I would also like to explore Broom because my best friend was born there and Tahni says that it is a wonderful place. That is why I would also like to explore Broom. Thanks (:

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