Welcome to the world of BLOGGING

Hi Grade Four

Welcome to our Class Blog.
On our blog you will be able to publish your own work as well as read and comment on work belonging to other people.  There will also be links for you to explore.  Even your parents will be able to read our class blog.  It will be exciting and a challenge as we learn about blogging together. It will be a great way for us to connect with each other and other people around Australia and the world.

Holidays I had a relaxing holiday and a highlight for me was going to the beach.  We went to the East Coast of Tasmania where the house we stayed at had a view of the beautiful blue water.   I took our two dogs Jock and Bessie.  They had a great time swimming and playing in the surf.  Aren’t they cute?

Please write back and tell me and the class a highlight from your holiday and where you were.  Ask the class a question at the end of your comment. Remember what we have learnt about quality comments.

27 thoughts on “Welcome to the world of BLOGGING

  1. G’day 4LB,

    Welcome to the great world of blogging.

    To answer Ms B’s question – The highlight of my holidays was running three blogging sessions for teachers in Devonport, Launceston and Hobart. I think the teachers learnt a lot and made connections with other teachers around Tasmania.

    What do you think is going to be the most interesting part of blogging as a class?

    Miss W. (your proud blogging teacher)

  2. Hi,
    In my holidays one thing I really enjoyed was going to the beach. I drew pictures in the sand and boogie boarding. The only bad thing was the sand was rubbing on my thighs. It was very sunny and we chose the right day to go.

    Did anyone else go to the beach in the holidays?
    Bye, Madison.

  3. Hi Ms B
    I went to Brisbane in my holidays and the highlight was we went swimming at lots of different swimming pools and one had a brand new water slide. I went for a week and I stayed with my cousins. Did anyone go swimming?

  4. Hi Miss B,

    The best part of my holidays was meeting my cousin in St. Helens. My Grandma and Grandad live there. They live near a beach and park.
    Did anyone else go to St. Helens?

    From Addison

  5. Cool puppies they look so cute in the water Ms B.what beach did you go to with your dogs. Did you do any more really fun things in the holidays or not?

    • Hi Max,
      Yes I went on a fantastic holiday to Q.L.D. I camped on the Sunshine coast with my cousins and went to Dream World. (:
      What did you do on your holiday?

  6. Hi Mrs B cute dogs. I went to the Exeter show on Saturday with Louis. I went on some awesome rides at the show. I have a Boxer dog I love her. Did anyone else go to the show?

  7. Hi Ms B,
    The best part of my holiday was when I went to Ulverstone it was very nice down there. your dog s look so cute which beach is that at?

  8. Hi Ms B,
    The highlight of my holiday was when I went to Devonport for my Great Grandmas 88th birthday. I like your dog’s Ms B, what beach did you take them to?
    From Cameron

  9. Hey, I had fun because I went to Queens Land. I also went on my first solo flight. My favourite part was when I went on the giant drop at Dream World. Plus I went camping and got so sunburnt. It was the best holiday EVER!
    Where did you go on your holiday?

  10. Hi bloggers
    On the holidays my favourite part was probably doing a MASSIVE motorbike jump. Dust flying everywhere…who else went motorbike riding on the weekend?
    Jayson 
    (btw cute dogs Ms b)

  11. Hi mrs B, for the holidays I went to my dad’s we had a water balloon fight. That night we went to the pub. I spoke German and impressed my brother. How was your holiday?

  12. Hello Mrs B
    We went camping at Bridport and we went to see our friends on the other side of the caravan park. And we went to the beach and went on my keno.
    Did anybody else go to Bridport?

  13. HI grade 4
    I hope you have a great year.
    With new friends and a great teacher.
    In my holidays I went swimming mostly every day. Well mostly every week
    By Bella

  14. To Mrs B

    Hi on the holidays I went to the beach. My little sister and I were running in water. Cute dogs by the way. Did anyone else go swimming.

    From Madeline

  15. Hi Mrs b nice dogs I went to zone 3 Sunday and on Saturday I went to the Exeter show and I saw Kai. And I got a new BMX bike what beach did you take the dogs to?

  16. Hi 4LB,
    It has been very nice experiencing my new class and kind teacher.
    I have plenty of friends and really like my class at 4LB,
    Over the holidays I experienced camping for the fourth time ever.
    It was great we snorkelled out (we saw mantras we even swam over them!!!
    By Pheibi.

  17. Hey 4LB,
    I hope you have had a great start to the school year and had a wonderful holidays. Trust me, Grade 4 is a lot of fun!
    The highlight for my holidays was going to the East Coast for Australia day. The waves were crashing loudly, before rolling onto the soft, white sand. It was beautiful weather and the atmosphere was highly enjoyable.
    Please visit my blog , to adventure the things on it. Feel free to leave a comment too- http://eschgoolblogs.com.au/annabel4lb/
    Good luck for grade 4, and Ms B, enjoy your class (I’m sure it will even be as good as last year!!)
    Annabel 😀

  18. Hi 4LB,
    I have enjoyed reading your blog comments. It sounds like everyone really took advantage of the lovely summer weather. Visits to the beach and swimming are just some of my favourite summertime activities. However, on the holidays I definitely didn’t feel like doing either of these activities because I was in London.
    Do you know why I didn’t feel like swimming while I was there?

  19. Hi 4LB,
    I was wondering where you guys went on the holiday, what did you feel like when you got there and why you feel that way? :)

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