Recently when I was in the USA I saw lots of skyscrapers, especially in New York.  Some of the buildings included The Empire State Building, The Flat Iron Building and the Rockefeller centre.  Living in a high rise is not something we have experienced in Tasmania.  
 Ms B
When you look at the photos what do you notice about Skyscrapers?
Have you ever been in a skyscraper? Where was it and and what was it like?
What do you think of the art work the children have made based on the idea of the skyscraper?
What would it be like to live in a skyscraper?







21 thoughts on “Skyscrapers

  1. Hi Ms B,
    No I’ve never been a skyscraper (oops typo) I have seen skyscrapers. I notice that skyscrapers are tall, thin and have lots of windows. I think our artwork is very good. I would hate to live in a skyscrapers no privacy, animals, fresh air, plantation, quiet, room the list goes on and on.

    Bye Ms B see you in class. Gabrielle

  2. Hello,
    I have never been in a skyscraper but I really want to but it probably will never happen :( . I think it would be quite cool to live in a skyscraper but after you have lived in one for a while I think you would soon get over it. A lot of skyscrapers have lots and lots of windows and are very very tall. I actually love all of them even the ones that aren’t on this blog because I am in your class so I’ve seen them all! I especially love the skyscrapers with the faces on them, the faces are funny.
    I better go.
    Thanks, Jacob

    • Hello
      I haven’t been in a skyscraper but I want to, but I don’t think that will happen. Its probably quiet in there, it would be awesome to live in a skyscraper after a few years you might get sick of living there. Skyscrapershave a lot of windows they are very very tall.
      I liked the skyscrapers with faces on them they’re funnny.
      By brad 4LB

  3. Hi,
    When I went to Sydney when I was about 5 years old we stayed on a big scyscraper. When we did washing we had to rush to get to he washing line as there was only one for everyone to share.
    Has anyone else been on a scyscraper and there was something they needed more of?

  4. Hi,
    When i went to Melbourne there was losts of sky scrapers, I went in one and it was very big and scary.
    I think the art work is very creative. i like the face one but they are all very nice. I would not like to live in a sky
    scrapers because I have been in one before and it is very scary.

  5. Hi, 4lb
    I have seen lots of sky scrapers and have been in one too. In melbourne In 2010 it was very high. I was very frightned. I think the art work is very creative and nice. I Especially like the face art work. I wouldnt like to live in a sky scraper, I have been in one and it very scary..
    Thanks, Caitlin

  6. Hello 4LB,
    When I went to Melbourne here were HUGE skyscrapers, I went in one of the biggest ones there it was really fun I got a bit scared at one point because mum and dad weren’t there at the time because I was with a friend Kelsea and her mum.
    I noticed that some of the skyscrapers gad faces and were very colourful which looked VERY nice.
    The art work was very nice the 2 picture’s with the faces court my eye the most but the others were WONDERFUL as well. It would not be fun to live in a skyscraper because I don’t think I would have a backyard but if I did live in one we would have a very nice view of the city. I hope Miss B had a very nice turn away.

  7. Hi 4lb,
    I notice that most skyscrapers are different shapes and size and no i have never been in a skyscraper. I reckon that our art work is fantastic. it would be really small and cramped to live in a skyscraper.
    See you in class,

  8. Hello 4LB,
    Unfortunately I have never been in a skyscraper before (Or not that I can remember!)but I think it would be a wonderful experience. In all the pictures I noticed that not one skyscraper is the same and they all have different rooves. Some of them look extra fancy and have unusual designs.
    I love all of the artwork, and especially thought the face designs were extra effective. They are ALL effective and great.
    If I lived in a skyscraper I would find it exciting, but it wouldn’t have enough room to play. Another negative is that it would be extra noisy at night.
    Thanks and see you in class,
    Annabel 😀

  9. Hi 4lb
    I went to Queensland in 2010 and we stayed in a big skyscraper we could see the whole city and at night you could see all the city lights but it was a little bit noisy
    Chelsea :)

  10. Hi, the person who is reading this.
    I would like to stay in a skyscraper for about a week, but then it would get stuffy and you can’t play outside if you live in one. My favourite type of skyscraper artwork is the printing one because they look cool.
    Campbell :)

  11. Hi 4lb
    No I have never been in a skyscraper before but I have seen same Pictures of them though. I would not like to live in a skyscraper because it looks very big and you can get lost very easily. I love the art work and I really like the face art work to.

  12. Hi 4lb,
    When I used to live in Sydney I always looked up and saw really tall skyscrapers and I have been in 3 skyscrapers once in New Zealand, Sydney and in Melbourne. I think it will be cool to live in a skyscraper, you would get a beautiful view, I agree with Gabby a little bit it will distract you whilst you are having a rest or something similar.
    Bye Nihad 

  13. Hi 4LB,
    Unfortunately I have not been in a skyscraper before
    But my brother and my dad have been in a skyscraper in Melbourne,
    Apparently it was the biggest building my brother has been in.
    4LB have done an amazing job on their skyscrapers.
    See you later, Phoebe

  14. I haven’t been a skyscraper or not live in one but I want to though I think people will get sick of it but I want well I haven’t tried it yet so you never know but mum probley cant let me because my brother and cousin keep telling I’m afraid of heights im not I wonder if anyone has been a skyscraper?

  15. Hi 4lb,
    When I looked at the skyscrapers I noticed that they are very tall!
    Yes I have been in a skyscraper, it was in Hobart Tasmania.
    I love the art work they have done it is great
    For me if I lived in a skyscraper it would be scary, I would think that It would all collapse on me.

  16. Hi 4lb,
    I’ve never been in a skyscraper but when I was in India there were millions of skyscrapers that you could see from your hotel window. You look left, there’s a skyscraper, you look right, there’s a skyscraper. I would love to be in a skyscraper though.

  17. Hi Ms B,
    Last year on my trip to Queensland I was in a 45 storey building on the top floor. We could see the Q1 but it was telly far away. My Mum is scared of heights so she wouldn’t go on it unless she was on for about 2 minutes.
    Bye, Aaron.

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