Hi Mrs Rs Class
We are really enjoying blogging with you.  We thought it would be interesting to share some information with you about our animals, the  landscape and things we do on weekends. We will try and give you a bit of an idea of what it is like to live in Tasmania. 
These are some photos from different parts of our state.   


5 thoughts on “Australia

  1. Hi,
    In Tasmania we have lots of different rivers. Ther is a North Esk river and a South Esk river. They both joing up and make a river called the Tamar River. I live really close to the Tamar River..
    Does anyone else live near a river?

  2. Hi,
    In Tasmania we have lots of highlights as you may have figured out from our recent post. We also have some interesting animals that you may have never seen (Those living in Arizona). Here are some of our amazing animals:
    ~Tasmanian Devil
    The Tasmanian Devil is almost extinct as it has the deadly facial tumor desease, which is very sad.
    On the weekend I enjoy to go dancing, or go for picnics at the George.
    Do you have any animals with deadly deseases in Arizona.
    Annabel 😀

  3. Hi, I love Australia it is a very nice place and is also very big with lots of anamals just like.
    Tasmanian Devil, Platypus, Koala, Echidna and thats most of them.
    But a Tasmanian Devil is neary extinct.
    One more thing i just wanted to say to Miss B, i hope you are having a wonderful time on your holiday. Also i hope you keep having a wonderful time if you are.
    Bye, Mackenzie 😀

  4. Greetings,
    I live in Comox. Your 4 pictures make your country look beautiful. I am wondering what type of animal is in the third picture because I think they look awesome. I am wondering where they live? Have you ever seen one in real life?
    I hope you reply back to me at our blog

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