Lilydale 2013 – Swimming Carnival

Well the 2013 senior swimming carnival was definitely a big success, with lots of records being smashed.  Being my first swimming carnival at Lilydale, I must admit to being really impressed, not just with  all the records being broken but more so with the level of participation from all the students. There was also great support given from students to other students, making the day not just about the fastest swimmer, but about having a go and enjoying yourself, no matter what level your at.  So well done to all who attended and participated.


To finish, I would like to ask you to comment about the day, perhaps on some of the highlights from your perspective, and/or I would also like to get your view on how important participation  in activities is. Perhaps think about how, if we support each other, people feel more confident to join in, and how that can benefit  each others learning.



Mr Randall

14 thoughts on “Lilydale 2013 – Swimming Carnival

  1. the people who went to the swimming carnival said that there wasn’t enough people there and I think that a whole lot of people didn’t want to do it (including me) but when the school offered the Proposition of not going most people jumped at the chance. Most kids don’t particapate in things because they get put down a lot and some for medical reasons but they can still persuade others to go and have a try.

  2. Thanks, this is a great post! I’d like to say thanks to the s.r.c for all the food and drinks and I think it was great to see everyone compete. And to thank everyone who helped prepare and plan the carnival. It was a lovely day…

  3. It was great to see all the participation of the students there. I participated in two races which were the one lap and two lap backstroke. It was a day of FREEZING water (just ask Caitlin)! CAITLIN WAS A AWESOME SWIMMER!** Go Nairana!

    **Caitlin paid me to do this.

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