Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime, what is it and what does it involve, well lets find out!  Behind the News has posted a really great story about Cyber Crime and by watching this short video you can begin to understand how big a problem Cyber Crime is.

1. Before you watch, predict what you think Cyber Crime is all about.

2. Discuss it with the student next to you.

3. Now watch the video and answer the questions on the handout.

the video link is here also check out this one on Malware 

4. To help answer Q.11 & Q.12 open this link, it has a lot of definitions on all things realted to computers.

5. Now post a comment about one of the issues raised in the video.

Perhaps you can think about whether it is really stealing if you download something for free from the Internet without the permission of the owner. For example, many sites called Torrent sites often have movies, music and programs that can be  downloaded by people for free, without the consent of the owner. What do you think about this? Please respond thoughtfully thinking about the rightful income of the creator of the material.

Also perhaps you could comment about preventative measures you might take to avoid being a victim of cyber crime.

6. Well done if you made this far, now  go to this site, where there is some really funny short videos about a family called the Jones and the problems they face in the online environment. You can also take the short quiz about how much you know about staying safe online.


Okay grade 5/6 here is a cyber smart on line quiz for you to try, just click on the link


Mr Randall

4 thoughts on “Cyber Crime

  1. Cyber crime is a very large newsence on the internet and sometimes gives our computers viras’s and bugs. So we need to be very carful on which sites we veiw and downlaod from.

  2. Cyber crime could destroy Australia’s balance by ripping money off big companies or smaller businesses, it is slowly becoming more of a threat for modern day people.

  3. This video was interesting, because it warned you about the four different types of ‘online enemies.’ To think this is happening to us is devasting as it is doing businesses out of money. The amount of money the industries are losing each year is awful. This may also decrease the amount of jobs for people in the future as well.

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