Antibiotics – Accidental discovery of the century

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This week I thought we might take a look at one of the most important medical discovers in history. The discovery of antibiotics, and the first was the antibiotic known as penicillin. Before the advent of penicillin, a simple scratch, could if infected, be life threatening. However since their advent and use, bacteria have been slowly building up their resistance and scientists have had to continually develop new types of antibiotics to stay ahead of the bacteria. To better understand how antibiotics work,  how they were discovered, and how we can help combat the growing antibiotic resistance in super bugs, have a look at this Behind the News short video.

Video is Here – Open this link in a new window by right clicking

After watching the video, spend some time looking at the Related Information Bar, just to the left of the video. Explore each title to learn more about antibiotics.

After your research, take time  to post a comment on any of the  issues raised in the video, or other related information on antibiotics.  PLEASE keep in mind that comments are all moderated, so write thoughtful responses to the topic or in response to each other. Please use correct punctuation and grammar, no slang, or sms language.

Some topics to comment on could include:

How important was the discover of antibiotics?

How did antibiotics change our lives?

Is it important for everyone to use antibiotics appropriately?

What could be the result if we don’t take care to not overuse antibiotics?

Have you or someone you know ever had a bad infection that required antibiotics?

Imagine a world without antibiotics, what do you think the results on life expectancy might be?

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2 thoughts on “Antibiotics – Accidental discovery of the century

  1. How important was the discover of antibiotics? really important. if we didnt have antibiotics i believe that there would be shorter lives and possibly alot of sick people. Probably 45% of people around you have taken antibiotics at some stage for infections or other illness.

  2. Without antibiotics it would be like the black plaugue all over again with bacteria getting into our systems, without antibiotics to fight off the bacteria we would be the walking dead.

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