Welcome to the Lilydale 7/8 Classroom

28 02 2013

This blog has been set up to create a space where both students and teachers can utilise ICT (information Communication Technology) to aid in our learning experience. Its a place where you can login and communicate with your teachers and fellow students on a range of relevant topics.

In getting started I wanted to reflect on the 2013 Tasmanian bush fires, as I’m sure you are aware, earlier this year Tasmania experienced some of the worst bush fires in quiet a while. Thankfully very few lives were lost, but still many people lost their homes, possessions and lively hoods. Perhaps the hardest hit place in Tasmania was the town of Dunalley, with many homes destroyed and the local school. So perhaps a good place to start might be to have a look at the video created by some of the students from Dunalley school about the affects of the fire and the rebuilding of the town. Another interesting video can be found here.
After watching the two short videos, return to the blog and add a comment about what you think of the video and how it might feel from your perspective, to have lost your home and all your possessions. REMEMBER the blog is moderated so please follow netiquette rules and have fun.
Image: ‘Hell’s gate



4 responses to “Welcome to the Lilydale 7/8 Classroom”

    28 02 2013
      Miss W (16:08:33) :     Reply

    G’day 7/8,
    Glad to see another school blogging. I visited Dunalley last week and their temporary classrooms look great. The students there also have a class blog.

    Miss W

    14 03 2013
      Daniel (14:35:23) :     Reply

    This post shows what a great community Dunalley is. I liked the way they voiced their opinions in the videos. The way they are combining their forces to create new buildings and a temporary school is great. I can’t wait until the community is up and going and everyone has recovered from the dreadful fires.

      15 03 2013
        Miss W. (10:02:24) :     Reply

      G’day Daniel,
      I like the way you have read the post, watched the video then come back here to leave a comment just as Mr Randall asked. Another blog being run by members of the community in Dunalley can be found here. It shows more of what has been happening in the community since the fires. http://newdunalleyschool.wordpress.com/

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