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Hi all,

Well 5/6 its our last lesson before the holidays, so the focus is on getting our first comments out there and to have a little fun. I have been really impressed with the way you have all been listening and working in class. What I would like everyone to do today is watch the inspirational story of Bethany Hamilton in the two videos listed below. Bethany was able to overcome a huge tragedy in her life and go on to fulfill her dreams of becoming a pro-surfer. After you watch the two short videos click on the comments link and write a short comment about the videos. Remember all comments are moderated so they will be checked by me before being allowed to be seen on the internet. Think about what message the video communicates to you about dealing with tough times in our lives, and try to comment about that or something else related to the story.

Here are the links

Bethany Hamilton

Bethany Hamilton 2

Now you can explore some other inspirational videos posted over at 5/6 Clark/Smith blog, here is the link

5/6 Clark smith


And to finish today you can have some fun building your literacy skills playing wordmania. Here is the link,


Well done 5/6


Enjoy your holidays


Mr. Randall

30 thoughts on “Posting Comments

  1. Wow, Bethany’s story really is very inspiring, her story reminds us that sometimes in life we have to deal with difficult situations, but that if we put our minds to it we can overcome seeminly impossible odds.

  2. I can’t believe that Bethany got back in the water after having her arm bitten off. I would not get back in the water ever because I would be so scared. She is very brave, I wonder what the movie is like. :-)

  3. Bethany is so brave to get in the water, she tried and tried until she got it right. I know I would never go back in the water after a shark attack! She makes it look so easy to surf with one arm, I cant beleive it! Soul Surfer is such a great movie, everyone should watch it.

  4. well done for believing in yourself for trying so hard to surf again i woulnt go back in the water if it wasnt my dream but if it was my dream i will still surf like you. to those who have a problem dont give up on the things you love cause it will ruen you forever.dont give up and look at yourself and say you can do it.

  5. Wow, Bethany is an inspiration! If it was me I wouldnt get back up and have another crack at it. Losing sixty percent of her blood, I’d be terrified!
    She’s amazing she never let anything put her down and so she kept doing what she loved! It was great.

  6. bethany is very brave for surfing again after losing her arm.i wouldnt go anywere near the water if it happend to me!

  7. She is so brave to get back in the water. After getting her arm biten off by a shark. I whould never get back in the water.

  8. cool if that was me i would never enter the ocean again, she is awesome to be not afraid to go back but its cool how she keeps going with her dream and never gives up.

  9. Wow i am so inspired in her story that was so sad and good at the same time if that happen to me I would give up surfing and move to the middle of Australia and never ever see the beautiful ocean again and how hard it would be to dress you self in the morning and do lots of important stuff. This is very imspiring story well done benthany hamilton and good luck :)

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