Welcome Year 5/6 to the School Blog

Hi year 5/6 and welcome to the blog. The goal of the first post is to get everyone used to using it as part of their learning and to be able to create our own online presence. Using the blog we can communicate with classrooms and other students from around the world.  So lets begin, firstly I would like you to right click the ‘Behind the News’ link below and open in a new window, watch the video about free range farming and answer the question on the sheet handed to you. Now, before you start watching the video, turn to the person next to you and discuss what you think ‘free range farming’ might mean.


Behind the News – Free-range farming

When your finished, its time to write your first comment. Below this post is a section to write your first posts, remember all posts are moderated, so keep your responses appropriate and on topic and in this case it should be about  ‘Free-range farming’. One possible idea to comment on could be about whether you would buy free range products in the supermarket, even though they cost more and why or why not, Or you could post about what you think the advantages or disadvantages of Free range farming are.

Once you have achieved that its time to have a look around, so on the right side of the blog, you will see a heading called Blogroll, please click on eschoolblogs link. Once your there spend some time looking at other schools blog sites, choose one from Tasmanian, one from Australia and one from somewhere else in the world.





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