How safe are energy drinks?

18 09 2013

Hi all,

Welcome back to the 5/6 classroom blog. This post is all about energy drinks, something that is becoming more and more popular, but how safe are they? The companies that produce these  products seem to think that energy drinks are perfectly safe and when consumed, offer the benefits of improved energy levels and mental alertness. So today I would like to see what you think, Behind the News has just ran a story that looks at some of the controversy that is currently surrounding these drinks.

1. First, with a friend or the person next to you, quietly discuss whether you drink energy drinks and if you think that they’re safe for young people.

2. Now watch the video over at Behind the News (by clicking on the link: Behind The News)

3. Following that, answer the series of questions on the sheet provided.

4. Have another quiet discussion with the person next to you about whether your opinion has changed since watching the video.

5. Finally log in at the top right and post a comment (by clicking on the comment button below the post on the main site). Please make your comments about whether or not you think energy drinks are safe and whether young people should be consuming them, back your opinion up with why.


Extension activity – Explore some of the other related articles on the right side of the Behind the News video or look at some other interesting stories on BTN.




Mr Randall

Learning PowerPoint 2010

6 08 2013

Hi All,

This week we will be finishing off our work in Word 2010, and some of us will finish before others. So this post will be about introducing the next topic, so those who finish early can be productive with their time. PowerPoint is a program that probably gets more use than any other in the Microsoft Office Suit. It is an amazing program that gives you a lot of versatility. You may remember it from last term, where you worked on building an E-Portfolio, which we will be coming back to soon, but  first you are all going to do a small PowerPoint Presentation each, on a topic of your choice. There will be an assignment handed out next week with the requirements, so for the rest of this week I have organised some links to some short informative videos all about using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. I suggest you open PowerPoint and have a play with the skills you learn from watching the videos, it is also best if you watch them in the order I have placed them. Have fun learning.

PowerPoint 2010 

Creating a Presentation

Slide Basics

Managing Slides


Working with Text

Slide Design

Inserting Pictures

Slide Transition

Presenting the slideshow

Saving a presentation


Mr. Randall

Cyber Crime what does that really mean?

31 07 2013

Cyber Crime, what is it and what does it involve, well lets find out!  Behind the News has posted a really great story about Cyber Crime and by watching this short video you can begin to understand how big a problem Cyber Crime is.

1. Before you watch, predict what you think Cyber Crime is all about.

2. Discuss it with the student next to you.

3. Now watch the video and answer the questions on the handout.

the video link is here also check out this one on Malware 

4. To help answer Q.11 & Q.12 open this link, it has a lot of definitions on all things realted to computers.

5. Now post a comment about one of the issues raised in the video.

Perhaps you can think about whether it is really stealing if you download something for free from the Internet without the permission of the owner. For example, many sites called Torrent sites often have movies, music and programs that can be  downloaded by people for free, without the consent of the owner. What do you think about this? Please respond thoughtfully thinking about the rightful income of the creator of the material.

Also perhaps you could comment about preventative measures you might take to avoid being a victim of cyber crime.

6. Well done if you made this far, now  go to this site, where there is some really funny short videos about a family called the Jones and the problems they face in the online environment. You can also take the short quiz about how much you know about staying safe online.


Okay grade 5/6 here is a cyber smart on line quiz for you to try, just click on the link


Mr Randall

Posting Comments

3 07 2013

Hi all,

Well 5/6 its our last lesson before the holidays, so the focus is on getting our first comments out there and to have a little fun. I have been really impressed with the way you have all been listening and working in class. What I would like everyone to do today is watch the inspirational story of Bethany Hamilton in the two videos listed below. Bethany was able to overcome a huge tragedy in her life and go on to fulfill her dreams of becoming a pro-surfer. After you watch the two short videos click on the comments link and write a short comment about the videos. Remember all comments are moderated so they will be checked by me before being allowed to be seen on the internet. Think about what message the video communicates to you about dealing with tough times in our lives, and try to comment about that or something else related to the story.

Here are the links

Bethany Hamilton

Bethany Hamilton 2

Now you can explore some other inspirational videos posted over at 5/6 Clark/Smith blog, here is the link

5/6 Clark smith


And to finish today you can have some fun building your literacy skills playing wordmania. Here is the link,


Well done 5/6


Enjoy your holidays


Mr. Randall

Welcome Year 5/6 to the School Blog

12 06 2013

Hi year 5/6 and welcome to the blog. The goal of the first post is to get everyone used to using it as part of their learning and to be able to create our own online presence. Using the blog we can communicate with classrooms and other students from around the world.  So lets begin, firstly I would like you to right click the ‘Behind the News’ link below and open in a new window, watch the video about free range farming and answer the question on the sheet handed to you. Now, before you start watching the video, turn to the person next to you and discuss what you think ‘free range farming’ might mean.


Behind the News – Free-range farming

When your finished, its time to write your first comment. Below this post is a section to write your first posts, remember all posts are moderated, so keep your responses appropriate and on topic and in this case it should be about  ’Free-range farming’. One possible idea to comment on could be about whether you would buy free range products in the supermarket, even though they cost more and why or why not, Or you could post about what you think the advantages or disadvantages of Free range farming are.

Once you have achieved that its time to have a look around, so on the right side of the blog, you will see a heading called Blogroll, please click on eschoolblogs link. Once your there spend some time looking at other schools blog sites, choose one from Tasmanian, one from Australia and one from somewhere else in the world.





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26 02 2013

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