Hi there it is Ruby and Bianca speaking, we are the reporters of cuteness and adorableness. Today we would like to ask some questions about things such as lost animals and friendly pets. Have you ever lost a pet and worried about it for ages? have you ever got a new pet and are scared that they won’t get along with your old pets that were already there? The only pets that we have ever had are fish, birds, dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits and guinea pigs. One time I looked after a friends dog and it ran away!!I have always wanted a cute little kitten and so far I have worked out thousands of names for kittens such as Tabitha, Puddles or Cinnamon. I my dreams I would love a pet unicorn and call it giggles and get a pet turtle and call it inky. If you had a pet what would you call it and what type would you get and why?