Meeting Mr Finlay

Mr Finlay – all the way from Canada

We were very fortunate to meet the teacher of our Canadian email buddies, Mr Finlay.

It was great of Mr Finlay to take some time out of his holiday to come and say hello to us. 

 We also got to meet his wife and his daughter who both spoke French!


What did you enjoy about their visit?

Did you learn something new about your email buddy?

Can you remember some of the differences and similarities between Canada and Tasmania?


9 thoughts on “Meeting Mr Finlay

  1. One of the differences is that it is much hotter in the summer and much colder in winter.

    In the winter a normal temperature is minus ten and a normal temperature in the Summer is about thirtyfive degrees.

  2. Well i thought it was really intresting seing mr Finlay he also tould us about Canad did you know Niobe can talk in French from Niobe/Ruby.

  3. I learnt that Taylor liked reading books.
    We both have some of the same animals.
    In summer it gets much hoter and in Winter it gets much coulder.
    I learnt that Annika likes to play ice-hockey.


  4. Hi its Ayva here.
    I learnt that my buddie loves dancing. Thats something that we have in common.
    I also did not know that there were brown bears in canada.
    Also over there they do NOT have school clothes they wear free clothes. NOT FAIR.

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