do you belive in santa

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I do belive in magical things like santa and unicorns do you merry christmas to you knock knock whoes there doris doris who doris is locked thats why im knocking do you have any jokes if so please type them up on here goodbye well at least for now from niobe.

Paitans play

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Hi everyone,

Did you like Paitans play. I loved it. She was a very good at performing.

I think she was one of the best performers.

I liked the part when the witch said ” what a world ” and  melted.

What did you like about the play and what was your favourite part?

Dream car!!!

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Hi, Kari here.

I have a question

if you could have any car in the world what it be out of

1 Xmcoupe

2 mustang

3 bmw


Do you have a brother or sister?

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Hi everyone its Ayva here if you have a brother or sister or both i know some great games to play with them these games are propley apropreet for ages 11 and under one of them is across the river: Get things that you can jump on and lay on the ground.

First lay your things on the ground like:newspaper or coshens. Then pretend the floor is the sea.


Aim: To get across with out toching the ground.


You can also go to: Games for two year olds and up to play at home.


Solid, Liquid and Gas

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Hello everybody,

It is Sophie and Chloe here.

The grade 3 students have been learning about solids,liquids and gases. A  solid can change shape by bending, smashing and cutting, a solid is also hard or soft. A liquid can change shape but does not change size and you can not cut it, bend it or smash it. A gas spreads easily and there is no definitite shape. Sometimes you can smell or feel it. Do you think fire is a solid, a liquid or a gas?

christmas fever!!

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Hi , Kari here

Christmas is on its way and new toys for everyone. Just remember Santa checks his list twice.

What would you like for Christmas ? I would like a remote control , monster truck I think their great.

I wake up early on Christmas day and open my gifts. Then we get ready to go to our nan and pops. What do you do on Christmas day?


The Brown and Gold

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When I say the Brown an Gold I mean Hawthorn. My top five favourite players are Luke Breust , Jack Gunston, Luke Hodge, Sam Mitchel and Cyril Rioli. What is your favourite team and top five players?

Fire safety!

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Hi everyone,

Its Sophie here.Fire safety has been awesome so far. I have learnt so much! I have learnt that when there is a fire at night time you roll out of bed and you crawl to the door and feel the door with the back of your hand . If it is not hot you go out and head to the nearest exit. After you go out the door you go to your safe meating place. What have you learnt at fire safety?

Please leave a comment.

Cooper and Archie’s quiz 3.

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Who knows the square roots better?





Who is the tallest kid?




D.Miss Wells.

E. Zarah.

All things cute

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Hi there it is Ruby and Bianca speaking, we are the reporters of cuteness and adorableness. Today we would like to ask some questions about things such as lost animals and friendly pets. Have you ever lost a pet and worried about it for ages? have you ever got a new pet and are scared that they won’t get along with your old pets that were already there? The only pets that we have ever had are fish, birds, dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits and guinea pigs. One time I looked after a friends dog and it ran away!!I have always wanted a cute little kitten and so far I have worked out thousands of names for kittens such as Tabitha, Puddles or Cinnamon. I my dreams I would love a pet unicorn and call it giggles and get a pet turtle and call it inky. If you had a pet what would you call it and what type would you get and why?


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