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Travel and a visit to Brady’s Lookout

on May 30, 2014

Our journey took 1 hour and 20 minutes so we had  a quick stop at Brady’s Lookout. It was a fun trip with lots of singing! We ate our recess and lunch at a park just across the road from the Beaconsfield Mine and Heritage Centre.

8 Responses to “Travel and a visit to Brady’s Lookout”

  1. long13laura says:

    At Brady’s Lookout, on the way back to bus, I heard a disturbing sound. It was the wild Bradio!!!

  2. long13grace says:

    It’s funny that Brady is at brady’s look out.

  3. long13amelia says:

    The wild Bradio was a very rare sighting and we were very lucky to see one!

  4. long13laura says:

    On the away back to school everybody stopped at Brady’s Lookout. Walking up to the lookout, Sophie and I could not stop chatting! The view! How breathtaking! On the way back the bus something caught my ears and eyes, honking there, sitting in the bushes was the wild BRADIO!!!! It’s a very rare species, so we were lucky to get a glimpse of it in real life! Not in the photos! But strangely, there was a stick of lip balm in between the bradio’s paws!

  5. long13elita says:

    On the bus at the back the people started singing kareoke (including me) and all of a sudden the bus driver heard the whole bus singing Roar and Timber!

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