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Miners Hut and Gold Panning

on May 30, 2014


Write a short recount of this area of the Beaconsfield Mine and Heritage Centre. We may use your recount to describe these pictures


10 Responses to “Miners Hut and Gold Panning”

  1. long13bianca says:

    When we were panning for gold I found eight peices of gold it was so fun.Once someone found a peice of gold the would say…’I’m rich!’. We had so much fun!

  2. long13chelsea says:

    When we went to the gold panning I found ten or telve peices of gold. it was fun!In the mines hut that was right next to the gold panning troghs the walls were covered in olden day news paper.

    From chelsea 😀

  3. long13cameron1 says:

    In Mrs F’s group we went panning for gold and I found 12 peices and we would say ‘euika!’ and then we had a look at the miners hut and it was really clostrophobic when we all tried to SQUEEZE into the hut.
    And we all had FUN!!!
    From Cameron.G :):):)

  4. long13connor says:

    I loved it when we went panning for gold.

    I got 10 peices of gold>

    IM RICH!!!!!!

  5. long13subangan says:

    The excursion was the best my faviote part was serching for gold i only found 2 nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

  6. long13laura says:

    Next we went to the Miners Hut and Gold Panning area. That was my favourite part out of the whole mine. At first I had only about two pieces. In the end I had 14 altogether! I’m RICH!!!

  7. long13elita says:

    Hi everyone,
    I have been to the Beaconsfield mine and heritage centre 4 times now and one of my favorite places was the panning for gold and the miners hut! It is very interactive with lots of things to touch as well. In the end I think I had about 15 peices altogether and I have got about 30 now because of all the other peices that I have got from the past!

  8. long13charli1 says:

    When l was panning for gold l saw a peace off gold and l tryed to scoop it up and when l looked in my panning boll l couldn’t see anything in there but in the end l found fourteen peaces of gold and thats true.
    from charli b

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