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Mine Rescue and 3D Hologram Experience

on May 30, 2014

Write a short recount of this area of the Beaconsfield Mine and Heritage Centre. We may use your recount to describe these pictures


9 Responses to “Mine Rescue and 3D Hologram Experience”

  1. long13paige1 says:

    Dear 3/4 B/D and F,

    When we went to the 3D Hologram room we watched a video that had an explosion in it.
    When we watched that video it was dark and then… CRASH BANG BOOM then the bombs went off; it made my eyes go wide open. It sort of scared me.When we were leaving the 3d holagram room Bree said that was so AWESOME!
    I had a great day
    From Paige :D:D:D:D:D

  2. long13holly1 says:

    Dear 3/4 B/D & 4F,
    I liked the 3d hologram because in 1 of the little programs there was a big explosion which freaked out everybody in my group so thats why it was the best part of the excursion because it was so awesome.

    from Holly

  3. long13grace says:

    The big BANG scared me to death i was so surprised.

  4. long13connor says:

    To grade 3/4 and 4s,

    when we whated to hologram room it was exelente. when the big BANG!! went off we all jumped out of our skin. after that they talked about the miners stuck in the mine.

    from cameron m and connor :):):)

  5. long13tara says:

    I loved the big explosion it scared everyone
    lots of people jumped out of their skin

    from Tara

  6. long13tyson says:

    The big explosion freaked me out I jumped so high I almost hit my head on the roof. On the like cartoon thing and those people scared me I loved that trip to Beacons Field Mines and Herritage centre

    from Tyson

  7. long13tyson says:

    Beacons Field was so fun. Did you like it.

    from Tyson.

  8. long13laura says:

    Our group first went to the 3D Hologram. There was a man talking about the mine when he said “It was a quiet night…” BBBOOOOOOMMM!!! I was scared stiff! Sophie, who was in another group told me that she almost screamed!

  9. long13laura says:

    At the Mine Rescue area, we saw some of the front covers of the newspapers out at the time when the trapped miners (Todd Russell and Brant Webb) where trapped about a kilometre under the ground. We also looked at the clothes they were wearing. The miners were there for exactly 13 days and 18 hours! As well as that there was a tunnel that represented how much space the miners had. They were sort of half sitting half lying! There was even the scarfs people knitted so they weren’t sad and so they knew how deep they were. Instead of knitting them a kilometre, they made them 2 kilometres!

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