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Science Experiments

on May 26, 2014

At the end of last term we worked in small groups to plan a Science Experiment. We had to think of a question and then write a hypothesis about our question. Each group then did their experiment. Some experiments took one day, others took weeks. We had to work out the results using the computer and then put together our posters.

We shared our posters with the other groups and then showed them in assembly. We were all very proud of our Scientific thinking.

What did you do for your Science Experiment?

4 Responses to “Science Experiments”

  1. long13grace says:

    Paige,Bianca and i did a experiment on “which vinegerill froth the most when bicarb soda is introduced” our picture is third from the top on the left row. we had lot’s of fun doing it!

  2. long13bree says:

    my group did “Where Will Bread Go Mouldy Quicker.

  3. long13kye says:

    Well i dont know what my mother done because i was at my dads.

  4. long13amelia says:

    Our group’s question was “How many ml of water will it take to make 125g of ice? Im not in the picture because I was sick that day. :(

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