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Mothers Day Gifts

on May 14, 2014

On Saturday the 11th of May it was Mother’s Day. We made some nice gifts for our mums.

We hope all the wonderful Mothers out there had a lovely day and enjoyed some time with their families.



What do you do with your mum on Mother’s Day?


14 Responses to “Mothers Day Gifts”

  1. long13alex1 says:

    My mum love my necles.

  2. long13charli says:

    Dear F/DB,

    my mum loved her neclace and she wore it for two day’s. And she liked all of the other stuff.
    from charli preece.

  3. long13chilli says:

    On mothers day mum and I went over to my Grandparents house to have some brunch. It was fantastic!
    from Chilli

  4. long13laura says:

    On Mother’s Day, I gave Mum a notebook and spent quite bit of time with her.

    By Laura

  5. long13luke says:

    dear cass I went running with my family

  6. long13georgia says:

    On Mother’s day, my whole family went to the swimming pool in town. We had golden syrup dumplings after tea. She loved her earings.

  7. Heather Heath says:

    Greetings from Wellsville, Kansas, USA!

    I am commenting here simply because it was the most recent place to make comments.
    We so enjoyed your letter to Kristina in our third grade class as part of our Flat Stanley “Communities” unit. Our school year is almost flip-flopped from yours…we are down to 2 more days before our 10 week summer break, so we are super excited. It is also the beginning of summer here, so students will enjoy the hot months of June and July at home, then we head back to school in August.

    If you would be interested in some type of pen pal program, please reply to my email and we can set something up. Your class can also visit my school web page:

    for some pictures and information about our school year. Thank you for your time!!

  8. long13lucy says:

    On Mother’s Day Mum,Taylor,Zara and I went to my nans for lunch. We had Dutch sausages. They were delicious
    From Lucy

  9. long13amelia says:

    Hi 3/4BD & 4F,
    My mum LOVED her necklace and wore it all day! She also really loved the recipie book. :)
    From Amelia

  10. long13kaitlyn says:

    Hi grade 3/4s
    My Mum loved her Mothers day preasent. I gave her all the stuff up the top and a handmade card.


  11. long13bianca says:

    On Mothers Day I waited for my mum to come back from Chang Mai. When she came back I gave her a purple notebook and a cute doll in a purple dress.

  12. long13paige1 says:

    Dear 4 Farran,
    The Mothers Day gifts you made for your mothers are awesome.
    On the day before Mothers Day mine and Camerons mum went to a party so we couldn’t see our mum early in the morning,but she came home at about 9:00 so that was early enough.Our big brother (Michael) came to visit us as well.
    Cameron and I both had an AWESOME Mothers Day!
    From Paige M. 😀 😀 😀

  13. long13hunter says:

    Well done grade 4 Farran you did a great gob
    From Hunter & charli b

  14. long13morgan says:

    I really enjoyed the excursion to the
    Beaconsfeild Mine and Heritage centre.
    My favourite thing was the panning for gold.
    We were handed little
    bowls and we were taught how to pan for
    I found about nine pieces of gold,
    but Laura and Heidi tied on about thirteen

    from Morgan 😀 😀 😀

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