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Dusty & Rocky visit 4Farran

on March 28, 2014

Today, Friday the 28th of March, Dusty and Rocky, my pet rabbits came to visit.

They are Lop-Ear Dwarf rabbits and they came from a place up near Woolmers. We were only meant to pick up one rabbit, but a few minutes before we were meant to pick the rabbit up, the rabbit breeder texted my mum and she said that the other people who were meant to pick up the other rabbit weren’t coming anymore, so we went home with two rabbits! They eat carrots, cabbage, broccoli, grass hay and a special rabbit mix. I think they had a great time in 4F and Hunter seemed to be the ‘rabbit whisperer’! They also fell asleep in some peoples laps!

IMG_2142 IMG_2141 IMG_2140 IMG_2139 IMG_2138 IMG_2137 IMG_2136

By Amelia

Do you have a pet?

21 Responses to “Dusty & Rocky visit 4Farran”

  1. long13georgia says:

    I used to have rabbits called Gizmo and Snowball. Now I have a dog called Max and two yabbies named Lc and Gabbie. Dusty and Rocky were cute.

  2. long13laura says:

    At home we have seven hens and one roster called Road Runner!

    From Laura

  3. long13braden says:

    The rabbits were cute. thay are so sopht

  4. long13paige1 says:

    I have a pet dog.His name is ‘Tyson’.He is a mastive.He was cute when he was a puppy but he is not realy cute now.

    From Paige 😀

  5. long13jacobie says:

    i have 1 pet .It is a bird

  6. long13connor says:

    I have 2 pets. One of them is a dog, who’s name is Boots and the other is a Gunnie pig who’s name is Alex.
    From Connor.

  7. long13hunter says:

    Dusty and rocky are very fluffy and so cute. from Hunter and Charli :}

  8. long13cameron says:

    To garde 3’s and 4’s,

    Rocky and Dusty look like great pet’s. they look very cute.

    from camerom.m and charli.p

  9. long13alex says:

    To amelia I like your rabbits
    from alex.

  10. long13chelsea says:

    The rabbits are cute and I do have a pet. Infact I have 2 pets. I have a horse named Chocolate and a dog named Okely. Chocolate is a liver chestnut and used to be a pacer.
    Okaly is a jackrusle cross minecher foxy and he is white with black and brown patches.

    • long13georgia says:

      Chelsea I love your horse chocolate. every time I drive past the paddock I look at him.
      Where is your white horse?

  11. long13lucy says:

    My sister Taylor has 2 rabbits and their names are Hazel and Miss Bean. Dusty and Rocky are so cute and fluffy
    From Lucy

  12. charli says:

    I have a dog called Oscar and 4 chooks.
    Dusty and Rocky are so fluffy and cute
    from Charli

  13. long13kaitlyn says:

    Hi grade 3/4’s
    I have 1 pet it is a fish which has a blue head and a red tail.
    From Kaitlyn

  14. long13alex1 says:

    Dear Amelia
    I love your rabbit when you showed it to us and it was so adorarbal.

  15. long13hunter says:

    I have a pet Shooting dog called Meg
    From Hunter

  16. long13luke says:

    Rocky was my fravret

  17. long13abbie says:

    The rabbit is so so so cute

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