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Lucky comes to visit

on March 7, 2014

On the 28th of February my pet chook Lucky came to school for a visit. Lucky became my pet chook because the mother chooks had enough babies so they left lucky in the nest to die. When my mum and I go home one day we found Lucky almost dead. Luckily we were able to bring her back to life with a hair dryer. Once she was warm so got up and started to run around again. To care for her mum had to take lucky to work with her.

Recently lucky has had a disease and he have had to give her special medicated water and food. Fortunately she has made a pretty good recovery.

From Chilli


Has anyone else had a pet that has been sick?

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24 Responses to “Lucky comes to visit”

  1. long13cameron says:

    To Chilli
    It was cool for lucky to come to 4 Farrans class room.Lucky did’t learn any thing i don’t think

    From Cameron m

  2. long13paige1 says:

    Dear Chilli

    Lucky looks cute!!!
    I wish I was in 4 Farran at the time you shared Lucky

  3. long13laura says:

    I think Lucky is so cute. I wish I could just pat.

    From Laura.

  4. long13hunter says:

    Dear Chilli
    Lucky is a good chook
    i wish i had him:):)

  5. long13braden says:

    To chilli

    Lucky is cute. He gave me a headace.

    from Braden

  6. long13abbie says:

    Lucky is very cute
    from Abbie

  7. long13jack says:

    Hi Chilli
    Luckyhas grew very big since I have have seen him.

  8. long13bianca says:

    Dear Chilli oh my goodness it is so cute!

  9. long13heidi says:

    How is the chicken,The pictures of the chicken is so cute.I wish I had one.

  10. long13georgia says:

    Lucky is so cute and fluffy I hope you bring he/her again.

  11. long13laura says:

    I think I know why you called him Lucky, because Lucky was lucky to survive!

    By Laura.

  12. long13abbie says:

    Lucky has grown
    from Abbie

  13. long13bethany says:

    Lucky is cute
    from Bethany

    It is my last day 14.3.14

  14. long13mistie says:

    Hi Georgia how is your new class going this
    year in 4/F.

  15. long13kade says:

    Hi Luke How is your new class? Is it good?
    from Kade

  16. long13bree says:

    Lucky looks very cute

  17. long13riley1 says:

    The chook is so cool like me.
    from Riley

  18. charli says:

    Lucky is so cute l wish l had him
    from charli

  19. long13subangan says:

    Lucky is so cute and i wish i had Lucky to keep for my own.

  20. long13subangan says:

    Who is going to the sleepover!!

  21. long13morgan says:

    Dear 4 F,
    those little chicks were really cute!
    let me guess-
    Alex J? I hope you had a great Easter and Mothers day!

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