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Welcome 3/4BD and 4F to Blogging

on February 26, 2014

Welcome to our 2nd year on our blog and we have had some changes…

  • Miss Davey got married over the holidays and is now Mrs Farran
  • Miss Doran is sharing a class with Mrs Biffin so we now have 3 teachers watching over our blog
  • Mrs Biffin and Miss Doran have a Grade 3/4 again but Mrs Farran is a Grade 4 so we have changed our blog name and look

We are looking forward to introducing our blog to students who were not involved last year with the help of our experts who are blogging for a second year.

What has been happening in our classes so far this year…

  • Abbie and Leo in 3/4BD and Kaitlyn and Hunter in 4F were voted as our representatives in the Student Council in 2014
  • Jack H, Bree, Mitchell and Georgia were selected as Term 1 Library Monitors
  • Mistie, Abbie, Paige, Cameron M, Connor, Jacobie, Riley, Kade, Jakob, Lucy, Tara and Phoebe will be spending one lunchtime a week helping out in the early childhood playgrounds assiting as Playground Pals in Term 1.

We have been setting our classrooms up for the learning year…







    Our School Motto

Our Class Collage

photo 2

photo 3

photo 1

What are you looking forward to BLOGGING about in 2014?




28 Responses to “Welcome 3/4BD and 4F to Blogging”

  1. long13grace says:

    I am looking forword to posting things

  2. long13amelia says:

    Hi guys!
    Im looking forward to footy tipping and doing more projects.
    From Amelia

  3. long13alex says:

    looking forward to the weekend and doing

  4. long13laura says:

    On Thursday night I went to scouts with my brother and my father.
    It was awesome!

  5. long13kye says:

    I’m looking forward to learn how to type faster

  6. long13leo says:

    Yesterday I went to the Harvest Festival

  7. long13laura says:

    I am looking forward to new projects and new groups for english.
    from Laura.

  8. long13jack says:

    The blogs make over is awesome and I am looking forward to posting on the blog again !

  9. long13chilli says:

    I look foward to sharing all the work our classes have been doing and I’m sure all of our work will be great! from Chilli

  10. long13georgia says:

    I always wanted to be part of a blog and now
    I am. It sounds cool to write posts and stuff. I look forward to doing projects…
    most of all animal ones.

  11. long13elita says:

    Hi grade 3 and 4’s,

    We all have had a great start to the year I have anyway, I am really looking forward to the athletics carnival and our science focus this year. One thing I have loved at the start of the year that we did some work on the Winter Olympics.

    Bye for now,

  12. long13lucy says:

    I am looking forward to commenting on posts and doing our own posts this year. Also I am looking forward to reading the comments people have posted.
    From Lucy

  13. long13holly says:

    Hi grade 3’s and 4’s at longford,
    I have loved been part of doing the job of being a role model at this joyful school. I hope in future that every-one will get along and so the teachers don’t have to get angry!

    From Holly at Longford Primary

  14. long13connie says:

    I am looking forward to commenting this year because I might make new friends to write and listen to.I hope that I will have a great time this year blogging.
    from Connie

  15. long13amelia says:

    I’m also looking forward to being able to make our own posts.

  16. long13charli1 says:

    l’m looking forward to doing more projects and most of all animal projects.

  17. long13paige1 says:

    To Miss Doran and Mrs Farran,

    I can’t wait to do blogging for the first time.

    Love from Paige 😀 <3

  18. long13paige1 says:

    Dear Miss Doran, Mrs Biffin and Mrs Farran

    I think it will be interesting to be doing blogging!!!

    😀 😀 😀
    From Paige M

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