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Xin Chao from Viet Nam

on October 27, 2013

Chao 3/4  D&D,

How are you all going back in tassie?

Here in Vietnam I have been to Hanoi,Dien Bien, ha long bay and tuan giao.

In tuan giao we went to a school and did some activities including a play, we also taught them heads shoulders knees and toes in vietnamese! The weather has been hot and humid. A few days ago we went to monkey island there were thousands of monkeys there! For lunch there was seafood and they had whole crab whole mini squid and whole fish. For most of our holiday we have been spending it with our mums work friend and her son which has been fun. Today we are in Phu Quoc. Our friends Andreas Tracey and Franka have a cafe well, Tracey is the owner of it and we have been spending it with them when we have been in Hanoi.

Bye and I will see you in a few weeks,

Elita:-) :-)    P.S When I get back I will show you some photos.

5 Responses to “Xin Chao from Viet Nam”

  1. long13noah says:

    Hi Elita

    I hope you have had a good time in Vietnam

    From Noah :):):)

  2. Paige says:

    Dear Elita,

    How was you time in Vietnam???

    Love Paige M

  3. long13elita says:

    Hi Everyone,
    How was eveyones holiday’s?
    From Long13elita

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