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Toppling by Sally Murphy

on August 3, 2013

During the first week of Term 3, Grade 3/4 Doran read a novel recommended to us by Amelia and Victoria. We enjoyed it so much that we finished it by Thursday!


This is what Sally Murphy’s website says about the book…

John is obsessed with dominoes, but not with playing the traditional game. Instead, he is obsessed with toppling. He spends hours setting up spirals, ramps, patterns and lines of dominoes all for that satisfying topple. Beginning with a small push in the right direction, everything falls as it is meant to. When John’s friend Dom falls sick and is diagnosed with cancer, it is John and his friends’ worlds that fall apart. Can they face Dom and support him through this uncomfortable illness? It’s hard for all at first but John and his friends find a way to comfort Dom and laugh with him again. They even find support and understanding from an unlikely source within their class, the school bully.

As a class we found that this novel was perfect for us and it answered lots of questions that we have had at the moment.  We were surprised by how similar the class is in the book, to what our class has been dealing with in the last few months. We have passed it on to 3/4 Davey and we hope they are enjoying it as much as we did.

Last Friday we celebrated finishing the novel by inventing the best domino topples we possibly could. We had to work as a team and be forgiving because one tiny touch and every domino would go toppling down…

We watched word record topples on You Tube and our favourite was ‘275000 Dominos- Enjoy your life’ which our class is a theme our class is trying to live by.

What are the important themes that you took from the novel Toppling?


28 Responses to “Toppling by Sally Murphy”

  1. long13lucy says:

    Hi Grade 3/4’s
    I have enjoyed listning to when he got really sick and had cancer.
    From Lucy

    • long13lucy says:

      Hi lucy and 3/4’s
      I agree with you I have really enjoyed listning to how Dominic got cancer and how his friends shaved there hair for him. I like how they wrote on there heads get well soon Dom.I thought it was a wonderful story.

      From Connie.

  2. long13kaitlyn says:

    Hi Grade 3/4 D and D

    Our class are reading the novel Toppling
    We are really enjoying the novel

    from Kaitlyn

  3. long13noah says:

    Dear Miss D&D

    I enjoyed the book Toppling, my favourite part was when Dom’s friends shave their heads and wrote get well soon Dom. The sound of John and all his toppling would of been awesome to see in real life.

    From Noah :):):)

  4. long13makala says:

    Hi Grade 3/4s

    My favourite part was when all Doms friends shaved their head (hair) off.

    From Makala :) :)

  5. long13noah says:

    Dear Miss D&D

    I think the theme of the book was about friendship
    also I think the book was writen so that peoples
    friendship don’t get inturapted with cancer and things like that

    From Noah :):)

  6. long13makala says:

    Hi grade 3/4s,D&D

    The theme I think it is friendship and that your friendship would never change. Evan if one of your friends get sick just because they look differnt doesnt mean they have changed.

    from Makala :)

    • Miss Doran says:

      Hi Makala, I think that you have chosen one of the most important themes in the book- friendship. I am glad that you see that sickness doesn’t change friendships.
      From Miss D :)

    • long13elita says:

      Hi Makala, Noah and Miss D,

      I certainly agree with all of you, because John and his friends did not think Dom was any different, he was their best mate ever!!!!!


    • long13romana says:

      I agree too Makala.
      I think the theme of friendship is totaly right. I liked the part where John and his friends shaved their hair off. I also liked when John shared his project.
      From Romana

  7. long13alex1 says:

    Hi Grade 3/4’s
    I enjoyed the book and we made our own Toppling and it was great
    from Alex k

  8. long13ebony says:

    Hi Grade 3/4 D & D

    I think that this has really helped us all out out so we know what Amelia is going through .
    from ebony

  9. long13elita says:

    Hi miss D&D,
    I think that Ky is a bully because his Dad died from cancer and he has a hard life with only his sisters and mum


  10. long13jackson says:

    Hi Miss D&D I think the book is about friendship and how people change in life.

    From Jackson

  11. long13phoebe says:

    Hi Miss D and D,

    I think that Ky was a bully because his dad died from cancer from Phoebe:)

  12. long13charli says:

    Hi Miss D&D,

    I think that it is a good understanding book. It is a good friendship book too.

    from Charli :) :) :)

  13. long13phoebe says:

    Hi Miss D and D, I liked the part where they
    shave their hair off from Phoebe :)

  14. long13cameron says:

    To MIss D&D,
    I think that the book is about friendship and caring for others.

    from Cameron:):)

  15. Sally Murphy says:

    Dear Miss Doran and Grade 3/4

    Wow! Thank you so much for reading my book and for sharing your responses. I cried a bit when I read them (happy tears) because it is so wonderful to know that you have read and liked the story and found it helpful. I think you are right that it is a story about friendship.

    Thank you again.

    Your new friend


    • long13denzel says:

      Dear Sally.
      Thank you for commenting on our blog
      We all think the book Toppling is great.
      Thanks again.

      From Denzel

  16. long13amelia says:

    Hi Miss D&D
    I really like the book because it’s exactly the same as what I’m going through at the moment. It’s really cool how they get to do a free choice project!
    From Amelia

  17. Miss Davey says:

    Hi Grade 3/4’s
    Our Class has just finished the novel too. We read it as a class after 3/4 Doran had finish with it. We all really enjoyed it and thought the ending was fantastic. It really shows how important it is to have special friends.

    It was nice to discuss the special people in our lives that have been through something similar and how it made us feel at the time.

    We are looking forward to receiving our set of dominos so we can try out our own toppling.

    What a fantastic book!!

    Miss Davey and 3/4 Davey

  18. long13brianah says:

    Hi grade 3/4s
    That book was one of my greatest books I’ve listened to.
    It was like a combination of friendship and cancer.
    Sometimes it felt like it wasn’t a book about cancer most of the time it was about dominos.

    From Brianah

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