Working from 2D to 3D

3 06 2014

Very gradually, over many weeks, with Mrs S we have been working on creating a 3D object from a 2D image.

We started out with an ordinary, coloured ink blot. We used some fine tip markers to turn our blots into a character by adding features, arms and legs. Each blot ended up looking quite different.

After we had finished these Mrs S challenged us to turn our 2D characters into 3D characters. We had been exploring 3D objects in Maths. 2D means two dimensional. A 2D shape can be measure two ways and has no thickness. 3D means three dimensional. A 3D shape can be measured  three ways.

We used a pompom as the base for our 3D characters. To create our pompoms we used two circles of card with a hole in the middle of each one. We wrapped yarn around the discs until they were so full that we could not add any more yarn. We cut the yarn around the edge and tied it off. It was hard work but the end result was worth the effort as our pompoms were fluffy, full and ready for us to add the features we needed to create our characters.

As part of our work we needed to identify the different 3D objects that were connected to our character and sketch out the nets that represented these objects. We found out that many of us needed to use lots of different sized cylindrical objects as we worked hard to create our characters. We sketched out the nets in our books and also listed the materials we would need to add all our features to the finished pompoms.

Have you made something from a 2D image which ended up being a 3D object? What nets were involved? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.



21 responses to “Working from 2D to 3D”

    3 06 2014
      Ms Davis (21:40:52) :     Reply

    The pom pom 3D creations are fantastic!! You’ve all done a great job. Looks like lots of fun.

    4 06 2014
      Mrs Bott (09:18:29) :     Reply

    Well done, what a fantastic job you all did.
    I think I will share this with my class as we are doing 2 and 3 dimensional shapes at the moment.

    4 06 2014
      Mrs Young (09:24:02) :     Reply

    Hi Grade 56CS, I’m impressed with your creations. I think the way you moved through the design process has helped make your final 3D products a success.

    4 06 2014
      Ms. Clark (16:22:18) :     Reply

    Clever 5/6s, your pom pom characters look amazing! It just goes to show what perseverance can do – well done! Yes I have made numerous 3D things in my life such as knitted jumpers, sewn dresses, driftwood and shell art, sculptures etc. I have not used a net for these things but I have had to follow a very good plan or procedure. Once I made gift boxes from nets and filled them with chocolates or soaps. Maybe we could do that for Christmas. Just an idea. Keep on creating!

    4 06 2014
      Mrs W (16:58:41) :     Reply

    Hello 5/6CS,

    These look fantastic, congratulations on some great work. My class made Easter bunnies using pom-poms, so I know how time-consuming pom-pom making can be :). We would love you to come and visit with your creations and share your design process with us.

    7 06 2014
      ruby (16:49:16) :     Reply

    Dear Bloggers
    I have read the question that was sent to me and have taken it seriously,
    The only thing that I have ever made from 2D to3D was the blot creature or commonly known as
    Pompom creatures. I have made some recently but a little bit BIGGER than the ones that we did with Mrs S.

    I found them so easy and so fun to make that I have even made one for my mother and my father.
    Most of the nets that I used were rectangles that are folded over to make a square type of shape.
    I would definitely recommend these pompom creatures.

    Kind regards

    16 06 2014
      James E (18:31:21) :     Reply

    Hello fellow bloggers

    The 3d object I made was cube,triangular based pyramid and the blob person. Our class last year we made the triangular based pyramids in groups and the net is four triangles.The cubes that we made last term had six faces and used rectangles to create the edges. The pom-poms that the class made – the top hats needed circle a rectangle and put a pipe cleaner around the bottom.

    Sincerely James E

    20 06 2014
      Max H (09:29:55) :     Reply

    Hi all,
    I have make a 2d object into a 3d object. It was a net of a cube. When you see how to put it together it is easy. With the pom poms we had a circle into a sphere.
    fROM MAX

    20 06 2014
      Amy (09:30:33) :     Reply

    Hi Everyone,

    I have only ever made 1 2D image into a 3D object. That was with Mrs S on making our little blot creatures into our fluffy, fat pompoms.

    At some points it was quite difficult and at other time quite easy. I made a very fluffy blue surfer with white pants and a popsicle stick surfboard.

    At the end when we put all of them next to each other it looked so cool. I enjoyed making them and I think everyone else did too.


    20 06 2014
      Rohan (09:31:34) :     Reply

    Hi bloggers,

    I have made gift boxes out of paper before. Their net was just a square that we folded into a box.
    The most recent thing I have made fom 2d to 3d was a pom-pom creature.
    From Rohan

    20 06 2014
      Lilly D (09:35:12) :     Reply

    hello bloggers,
    The only thing that I have made that went from 2d to 3d was the blot creature (pom pom.) I really enjoyed making the pom poms with Mrs S they were really fun!!
    I made a cylinder with the shoes on the pom pom and wrapped it around the foot into a shoe.
    kind regards
    Lilly D

    20 06 2014
      Ben .T (09:36:17) :     Reply

    Hi everyone,
    I really enjoyed this project. It was alot of fun. Sadly I did not complete my pom pom. but I still had some fun. I made a 2D shape into a 3D shape almost anyway. It was supposed to have a crown but I did not finish.
    From Ben .T

    20 06 2014
      Elizabeth (09:38:25) :     Reply

    Hello Bloggers
    I like the animation the blot people look really cool.

    As far as I can remember the pom pom people are the only things I’ve ever made from 2D to 3D. It was fun so I might do it again.

    I was proud with my end result.


    20 06 2014
      Sam (09:38:40) :     Reply

    Hi all

    I really enjoyed making the pompoms. It was fun making all the things to go on the pompom. The bit I enjoyed the most was threading the pompom with the 2 cardboard cut-outs. Taking the 2D picture and trying to turn it into 3D was probably the hardest.

    From Sam 

    20 06 2014
      Max.R (09:39:54) :     Reply

    Hi Bloggers,
    I made a 2D drawing into a 3D object. Some of the nets were for cylinders. Making it was really fun.
    From Max.R :)

    20 06 2014
      Ava (09:40:11) :     Reply

    Hello fellow bloggers,
    to be totally honest the only transfering from 2d to 3d was the pom-poms we made. I have also made heaps of pom-poms at home like Ruby and now only takes me like 1 day to make a really BIG one.
    I reccomend making one as they are quite fun to make.

    20 06 2014
      Lucy (09:43:23) :     Reply

    Hello Class and Bloggers,
    The only thing that I remember making from 2D to 3D is these blot creatures that we made in class. I used some cylinders out of pipe cleaners for the hair, soccer boots, socks, arms and the hands/fingers.
    Kind Regards Lucy

    20 06 2014
      Angus (09:46:09) :     Reply

    Hi Fellow Bloggers
    The only 3D objects that I have made is that Blot Creature. The Blot Creature that I made was very fun to make.

    I used four nets one of them was the arms and legs another one was the top top hat another one was the mouth and the last one was the eyes.

    I really enjoyed making my blot creature.
    Thankyou Mrs Smith

    From Angus

    20 06 2014
      Thomas (09:46:55) :     Reply

    Hey bloggers
    I havent made many 2d/3d objects but I thought making the pompoms were very fun. I made a guitar and a kite. The guitar was a bit of a challenge but the kite was easier. I thought making the pompom all fluffy was very hard but actually found it was really easy!

    See you next time,
    Kind regards Thomas

    20 06 2014
      hugo (09:49:13) :     Reply

    Hello bloggers
    Yes I have made something turn from 2d to 3d. Its my pompom the devil one. To turn it from 3d to 2d I used cylinders and spheres. Its really fun to make but sometimes hard.

    Sincerely Hugo

    20 06 2014
      Lilly.T (09:50:19) :     Reply

    To Bloggers

    The pom poms look fantastic. I really like them i think that we should do something like that over because it was so much fun.

    By Lilly T

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