Imagine If We Were Powered from Space…

We have watched this video with Mrs C and afterwards we created posters showing what Hobart might look like in the future if we were able to meet our energy needs from a space based solar farm. Our posters are on display in the corridor outside our classroom.

energy 4

Energy 1

This term in Science we are exploring energy. We will be looking at different sources of energy and how these can be used to generate electricity. On the wall in our classroom we have some questions to guide our thinking.

energy 2

What are you curious about when you hear the word electricity? What sources of energy have you heard about? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

4 thoughts on “Imagine If We Were Powered from Space…

  1. Hi all,
    I know some sources of energy solar,wind,coal and water. Did you know water is the main source of energy in Tasmania. Do you know what the main source of energy is,in Queensland? When I hear the word electricity I get curious and think if we did not have renewable sources of energy what would we do.
    From Max H

  2. Hello to all classmates and bloggers

    When I hear the word electricity I get curious about the expenses of electricity and how many different supplies of energy we actually have.

    How ever the only supplies of energy I have heard of are water, solar, wind and coal power.

    yours truly

  3. Hi fellow bloggers,

    When i hear elecrticity i get quite interested because it can have and mean so many different things and have alot of meaning.

    For the supplies of electriocity i have heard of coal, wind, solar, water and bio-thermal.
    Kind regards
    Lilly D :)

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