Looking At Angles

In our Monday maths time we are looking at angles. Last week we refreshed our memories by doing a quick quiz about acute, obtuse and right angles. Watch the video below to have a bit of fun while remembering the types of angles we have studied.

The point of an angle is called the vertex and two straight sides or arms meet at this point. The angle is the amount of of turn between each arm.

parts of an angle

Degrees is the unit of measurement we use when describing the amount of turn between the two arms. We use a protractor to help us measure angles. The BrainPop website has a good video to watch. It explains angles and how we measure them. The following video shows us how to use a protractor to measure and create angles.

Which angle did we talk about last week that is not mentioned in the videos that Mrs S has shared in this blog post? What information can you add in our comments that will extend our knowledge of angles?


11 thoughts on “Looking At Angles

  1. Hello everyone!

    Loved the video!! We are learning about angles next week and I think the 5/6s at UPPS would enjoy watching the same video that you watched.

    Did I see a reflex angle in the video? Do you know what a reflex angle is?

    Do you know that if you add up all the angles in a triangle, they will always equal 180 degrees? I wonder if you can find out the name of the triangle that has three identical angles. I also wonder if you can find out about the other two types of triangles and their angles…

    I really enjoy working with angles and shapes.

    Miss Crowther :)

  2. Hi fellow bloggers

    The angle that was missed was the reflex angle. Why did they miss that angle.
    Did you know in geometry an angle is a figure formed by two rays or line segments called the sides of angles sharing a common end point called a vertex of the angle.

    Sincerely from James

  3. Hi fellow bloggers

    I think the angle that was not mentioned in the video’s is a reflex angle.
    Which is an angle that is more than 180 degrees and less than a full rotation.

    From Henko

  4. Hi everyone

    Thanks for the video. Great music. It’s makes learning about angles way more fun.

    There were 2 angles not in the video were the reflex angle is between 180 and 360 degrees. I think it’s a circle.

    If you fold a piece of paper the corner will always make a right angle. A right angle is always exactly 90 degrees.

    Did you know a reflex angle is the other side of an obtuse angle?
    If you open and close scissors, which angles can you make?


  5. Hi all bloggers who read this comment

    There indeed was a angle that was not displayed in the videos and that would be a reflex angle… A reflex angle is an angle that is bigger that 180 degrees which is a straight angle but is not a full 360 degree rotation.

    Letting you know. Obtuse is another word with a different meaning if you don’t put angle on the end. It is a word used for people who are a tiny bit dim.

    yours truly Georgie
    p.s you should watch the dr.Sues video.It’s awsome!

  6. Hi everyone,

    I loved the video you posted Mrs S. It was really fun and I was rocking out while I was listening to it.

    There was two angles that were not in the video. The first one is the reflex angle that is greater than 180 degrees and smaller than 360. The second is a very special angle that goes all the way around to 360 degrees.This is called a full rotation.

    We were doing some more work on angles today and we were talking about how you have to be very exact with right angles. We worked out that you could either use a portractor to measure the angle or the easier way is to fold a piece of paper and measure the angle against the corner.

    Cheers Emily

  7. Hi Bloggers

    I really enjoyed your videos Mrs S. They were really enjoying and really informing.

    There was angle that you did not mention and that was a reflex angle which is more than 180′ but less than 360′.

    From Angus

  8. Hello fellow bloggers,
    I really enjoyed watching our class videos especially the one on looking at angles. I figured out how to use a protractor properly. And the angle that wasnt mentioned was the reflex angle, its the same as an obtuse angle except that the circle is on the outside.
    Kind regards, Thomas

  9. Hi class,
    The angle that we learned last week was the reflex angle.
    I wonder why they did not put it in the video?
    kind regards Lilly D

  10. Hello class
    I liked the video. I enjoy learning when it is made fun.

    I noticed that neither of the videos mentioned a reflex angle. A reflex angle is an angle greater than 180 degrees (a straight angle) and less than 360 degrees (a full rotation).

    I know another way to measure right angles. You get a piece of paper and fold it in half twice you use the corner to measure right angles.


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