Exploring 3D Objects

We have been working with 3D objects with Mrs S. 3D means that an object has 3 dimensions. We can measure it three ways. One of the things that we did was to make a cube which is a very special rectangular prism. A cube is a prism where all the faces and edges are the same.

By Cube.svg: Image created by H McKenna based on source code by Marcelo Reis.derivative work: Cristianrodenas (Cube.svg) [CC-BY-SA-2.5], via Wikimedia Commons

We used rectangles to create our cubes and needed 12 rectangles for each cube. We needed to fold each rectangle in half before gluing them together to make our cubes. We were able to see the insides of our cubes as the faces were not solid.

Creating cubes from rectangles

Creating cubes from rectangles

Once we worked out the construction technique we modified our design by making it smaller or larger or changing the shape. One group managed to make a triangular based pyramid. It is almost a tetrahedron but it does quite fit the definition of this 3D object as each face is not quite the same size.

When we were creating our transformations of the cube one group made a very large cube which is now hanging up in our classroom. They worked carefully to measure out each rectangle needed to created their very big 3D object.


We did not use the usual technique for making 3D objects. This is to create a net using the 2D shapes that are needed to make the 3D object. The net for a cube is 6 squares and there is more than one way that the squares can be arranged so that they fold up to make a cube.

How many different nets do you think there are for creating a cube? What shapes would you need to create a net for a square pyramid?

17 thoughts on “Exploring 3D Objects

  1. Hello Mrs S and 5/6CS,

    I enjoyed reading your very informative post about 3D shapes.

    I think there are either 11 or 12 nets for a cube. I know that there are many and more than I ever used to think. How many are there?

    I think for a square based pyramid you would need a square for the base and four triangles for the triangular faces. Is there more than one net that works for this shape too?

    Miss Crowther :)

  2. I really enjoyed reading your post about 3 dimensional shapes. I think that if you were to make a square based pyramid
    you would need a square for the base and four triangles for the sides.

    yours sincerely

  3. Hello fellow bloggers
    I really enjoyed making the 3D objects. It was really fun. Some of my friends and I made the triangular based pyramid. I think there are 11 or more different nets for the cube.
    From James V

  4. Hello class
    There are a lot of nets for a cube. For a square based pyramid you need a square for the bottom and four triangles for the sides.


  5. Hi fellow bloggers,
    It was quite fun making and cutting out the shapes for the cubes although it was quite hard to glue all the rectangles together but in the end mine didn’t look that bad!

    Kind regards

  6. Hello class and bloggers,

    There are 11 nets for a cube and maybe more.

    To create a square based pyramid you need 1 square and 4 triangles.

    Bye, Lucy

  7. Hi Everyone,

    There are 11 and possibly more nets for a cube.

    To create a net for a square base pyramid the shaped involved would be 4 triangles and one square.


  8. Hi guys

    I enjoyed making the cubes and then making the triangular based pyramid with James and Hugo.
    I think that there are heaps of different nets that would make a cube because when I was looking at nets of cubes I discovered that you can put a block any were on the edges and it will still make a cube.

    From Sam

  9. Hi class and bloggers
    Well when you have squares as the only shape in the net there are 13 but when you ad other shapes into the net there are 17.
    Also for a square based pyramid you would need squares and triangles in the net.
    Yours truly Georgie

  10. Hi Class
    I think there are 11 possible nets to create a cube.
    To make a square based pyramid you need to have 3 triangles and 1 square.
    I really enjoyed making a cube because it was a bit challenging but you eventually got it done. My cube was not very good because I did not measure it out very well so it was all squished together.

    All the fun in the future, Angus

  11. Hi class,
    There are 11 possible nets for a cube and maybe more.
    You need 1 square for a square based pyramid and 4 triangles.
    From Rohan

  12. Hello class and fellow bloggers,

    Working on 3 dimentional shapes were fun. Especially when we made maths and encorporated art in to it.
    I learnt that there is atleast 11 different nets for a cube.

    to make a square based pyramid you need a square and 4 triangles

    From Jordyn

  13. Hello Class
    I found it fun making the cubes but it was hard and I was relived to finish it.
    I know now that there is at least 11 ways of making nets.

  14. Hello class blogers,

    To make the basic square there are about 11 different nets to make.

    To create the square pyramid you would need a regular square and four normal


    from Lilly

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