A New School Year Begins

Clip Art created by Bev Evans https://twitter.com/bevevans22

Clip Art created by Bev Evans https://twitter.com/bevevans22

Time has flown by and February 2014 is here already. Here in Tasmania we have just finished our summer school holidays and are getting ready for a new school year. Our class blog welcomes some new students and our record of learning for this year is about to begin.

Over the summer break Mrs S spent time relaxing, reading, creating, listening, chatting, resting, thinking, fishing, cycling, celebrating birthdays and enjoying the company of her family. Mrs C spent time gardening, swimming, reading, creating, resting and enjoying the company of her family.

What do you enjoy doing over a summer break? What long list of verbs describe your summer fun? Please leave a comment to tell us about your holiday activities.

6 thoughts on “A New School Year Begins

  1. Hello Mrs S, Mrs C and Grade 5/6,

    Welcome back to school!! In Victoria we have been back at school for a while as this is the start of our third week. However, the first week only had two days for students!

    I enjoyed reading, relaxing, gardening, horse riding and spending time with family and friends during my holidays. I also enjoyed the odd sleep in! Did any of you sleep in?

    I hope your first week back is a happy one!

    Miss Crowther :)

    • Thanks very much for our first comment in 2014, Miss Crowther.

      Our students have had just three days at school last week and then there will be four days this week because of a holiday for the Hobart Regatta. The Hobart Regatta was first held in 1838 and celebrated its 175th anniversary last year in 2013. There are lots of water sports, sideshow alley and a flagship from the Australian Navy anchors in the Derwent near the Regatta grounds. The Hobart Cup is also held on this weekend. This year the organisers had to postpone half of the racing as a very short but destructive storm went through. Lots of trees were blown over and emergency services were very busy helping out people who had wind damage.

      Our news broadcasts have also been showing footage of the fires in Victoria. It sound like there are lots of fires making things scary for households in many parts of Victoria. Are any of the fires near your school?

      Thanks for your great list of holiday activities. There was the odd sleep in for me.

      Mrs S and 5/6CS

  2. Hi Everyone,

    I can’t remember what I did over the summer holidays. But a list of verbs I can use to decribe it are: Fun, hot, long, interesting, happy, enjoyable, sometimes a little bit rainy but most of all it was fantastic. I loved the New Years Eve fireworks

    School is ok but I like holidays after doing so much work. I hope everyone had a nice holiday.

    What was your favourite thing that you did over the holidays?


  3. Hi Classmates,
    I had an Awesome holiday. It was fun,warm, rainy, exciting and to short.
    I went to Strahan.

  4. hi bloggers and class
    I would like to tell you that I spent my holidays swimming,laughing, talking, walking, acting, dancing, running and spending time with friends and family
    yours truely Georgie

  5. The thing I enjoy about summer is spending the time outside getting my tan.
    Hot, fun, happy, refreshing , short and enjoyable.
    I like school but that holiday should have been longer so we could spend more time with family.


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