Inspire Us Mondays – Some last words

23 11 2013

We have come to the end of Monday Speakers and there are just a few words and a video to share that we have not yet put into a post. All of our speakers have done a great job searching for something to make us think. Sometimes it was very difficult to find a video that would add value to ┬áthe work our class was exploring. The last video we saw was fantastic. Our speaker chose to follow up the work we had done with our animations and found a great example of an animated wooden artist’s doll. Take a look.

We had a few words that also related well to our research work on migration to Australia after Federation, Remembrance Day and Mathematics.

Have you enjoyed our Monday Speaker posts? Was there one video that caught your attention and made you think? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.



6 responses to “Inspire Us Mondays – Some last words”

    24 11 2013
      Barbara Sing (11:46:33) :     Reply

    A fun animation and inspiring. I’ll share it with some of my classes.

    25 11 2013
      Jim (14:38:01) :     Reply

    I really liked the video with the wooden man.
    I wish I had one that did the dishwasher for me.

    from Jim

      25 11 2013
        Mrs S (22:04:26) :     Reply

      Thanks very much for leaving a comment, Jim.
      I like the animation as well. I could think of lots of things that I would like the wooden man to do for me and near the top of the list would be do the dishes. How do you think the wooden man animation was made?
      Mrs S

        26 11 2013
          matthew (08:45:56) :     

        I will do it, Mrs S.
        I find the animation very interesting.
        How long would it take to make somthing like that?


        26 11 2013
          Mrs S (11:13:13) :     

        Thanks for your comment, Matthew.

        I am not certain how long it would take to make an animation like that. I think it would depend on whether it was done by hand or with the aid of some computer animation software. How do you think it was done?

        Mrs S

    2 12 2013
      Thomas H (14:31:43) :     Reply

    Hi, I really liked the video that James showed us all! It was about someone trying to sail across an ocean. Her boat capsized when she was right in the middle of the ocean. I found it really inspiring because she survived. Regards, Thomas

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