Creating Art Together

Last term with Mrs S we all worked together to create a combined piece of art. We looked at some inspiration via Pinterest where some classes had been given one quarter of a set of four tiles with part of a circle drawn on it. The class had decorated each piece and then placed them back together. The vibrant colours looked great.

Mrs S added to that idea by asking us to think about words that were important to us as a class. We brainstormed lots of words and then chose eight of these to use:

  • loyalty
  • courage
  • stamina
  • happiness
  • friends
  • focus
  • respect
  • humble

Groups of 4 chose a word and they wrote this in the circular section of each of their tiles and then added decorative patterns in the other two sections. We tried hard to use mostly cool colours in the centre and warm colours around the outside. We used watercolours and water pens to add the colour.

Here is the end result.

And a gallery of the individual tiles.

Have you ever collaborated on a project before? What was it? What are some of the things that you might need to remember when lots of people are working on one project? Please leave us a comment telling us your thoughts.

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