Inspire Us Monday – 23rd Sept 2013

Three more Monday Speakers this week. First we heard about the third book in a series called The Keepers by Lian Tanner. Our speaker was well prepared and delivered her talk without needing any notes at all. She read a small excerpt from near the start of the book that left us on a great cliffhanger that may have inspired some of us to read the book and find out more. The book, titled “Book Three – Path of Beasts” is the final part of the trilogy. Goldie, Toadspit and Bonnie are three of the main characters. The story is set in The City of Jewel and is a fast paced story with lots of action and interesting events within it.

Next we were introduced to our word of the moment. Our second speaker chose the word emigrate which is a synonym of migrate. People emigrate from their country to settle permanently in a new country. This word fits with our current class studies about the migration patterns in Australia after 1901. Emigrate is a verb with three syllables and the word originates from the Latin language.

Last of all we were presented with an interesting video.

Some of our class questioned whether this was real so Mrs S did some internet research before writing this post. She found some interesting information. There is a section on the website Snopes that gives the origins of this video and explains some of the misinformation that has been written on the web about the clip

It was originally created by a computer animation team call Animusic and is part of a set of animated music clips that are amazing to see. Real or not it is an inspiring video and it did inspire a group of computer technicians to create a computer controlled robotic orchestra. Even though this example is an animated creation it may inspire us to think about creating music using unusual items like plumbing pipes. Follow this link to see how the scientists at Questacon used pipes and a shoe to create different sounds. Other musical instruments have been created from bottle tops. Last of all you might like to find out about the Landfill Harmonic movie.

How might this animated music video inspire you? Have you read Lian Tanner’s books? Has anybody in your family history emigrated? Please leave a comment letting us know your thoughts about our book, movie or word.

2 thoughts on “Inspire Us Monday – 23rd Sept 2013

  1. Hello 5/6 Clark/Smith,

    When I stumbled upon this post, I was fascinated by the video clip. At first I wondered whether it would be real but, being interested in science, I quickly reasoned the timing, forces, weights and randomness of interactions would make the experience improbable in the real world.

    With your interest in words, I’ll explain why I chose improbable rather than impossible. Let’s look at definitions according to my Macquarie Dictionary…
    impossible – that cannot be, exist or happen
    improbable – unlikely to be true or to happen
    I chose improbable because, even though what is shown is very unlikely to be real, there is a slight chance it could be done. As another example, winning in Lotto is improbable if you have an entry but impossible if you don’t have an entry. You may not have much of a chance but, with a ticket, it’s not impossible.

    How might this animated music video inspire you?
    Your video inspired thought and made me consider the science behind what the video shows.
    Have you read Lian Tanner’s books?
    No but this post prompted me to do some research to find out more. I now know they are tales of adventure.
    Has anybody in your family history emigrated?
    My mother’s side of the family first emigrated from Scotland to Australia in the 1840s. On my father’s side of the family, the first with my family name emigrated from England to Australia in the later 1850s.
    My first known relative to come to Australia arrived in 1789 but he wouldn’t count as emigrating. He had no choice. He was transported as a convict. :)

    Thanks for sharing an interesting post.

    Ross Mannell
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

  2. Hello Mr. Manell
    Thankyou very much for spending your time to write us this comment. Our class had a disscussion about whether it would be possible. About 25% of the class thought it was true including me, and the rest of our class did not. Improbable is better than impossible because people did make that possible with technology. It inspired me because it got me thinking about whether it would be true or not. The book talk made me want to read the book even though I was halfway through reading my own. My Pop emigrated from Croatia in 1960. He moved because of the communists after World War 2.
    Kind regards

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