Inspire Us Monday – 9th Sept 2013

Only two speakers to share this time. One of our speakers was unwell and was not able to present their book talk.

Our video this week was chosen to help us think about our latest classroom history questions. We are researching our migration history focusing on those who came to Australia after Federation occurred in 1901. Our speaker chose to share a video from the ABC Splash site which was originally shown on BTN. (Follow the link to see this video as we are unable to embed it in our post.) It shared the story of a recent migrant family from Liberia. He hoped that it would inspire us to reflect on how difficult it might be to arrive in a new country where everything is strange and unfamiliar.

Our word this week was also chosen to link with our history questions. When lots of people move out of an area all at once it could be called an exodus.

What did the video make you think about? What help would you need to get settled into a new home or a new country? Can you tell us about an exodus that has happened in history? Please leave a comment telling us your thoughts.

9 thoughts on “Inspire Us Monday – 9th Sept 2013

  1. Hi,
    Guess what, we watched the same video as you at our school. We also read a book called boy overboard and the two main characters miagrated to australia because they were getting home schooled ilegally.
    From Daniel.

  2. Hi 5/6CS,

    We really like your blog and they way it is turning out. We would need these things to settle into a new house:Pets, Bed, Computer, TV, Xbox, Wirless, Bedroom Sweet.

  3. Hey 5/6CS,

    Its Billie and Madison from UPPS. We have learnt about migration and federation like you are but we did it at the start of this term.

    What help would you need to get settled into a new home or a new country?
    Family, friends, help from others like the William’s family in the video.

    From Billie and Madison!

  4. Hi 5/6CS

    It is Trent and Matthew from UPPS in Victoria.

    Trent thinks that people who are settling into a new home will need help getting and moving furniture.

    Matthew thinks the same thing as Trent.

    We watched the same video as you. People who come from other countries sometimes need help learning all about things that we know, like crossing the road.

    It’s funny how we watched the same video and we are at different schools in different states. What did you like learning about most?

    What are you learning in Term 4? We are learning about natural disasters.

    Bye for now,
    Matthew and Trent

  5. It made me think about history and to settle into a new country i would have to have my mum or dad or an animnal possibly a cat >^.^<
    its really sad what people have to go throught to get to a better country to tracvel here on a horibble boat with hardly any food its just not right.

  6. Hi 5/6CS,

    I watched the video that you guys watched and me and my class watched the exact same video you guy watched. That’s pretty amazing. I wonder if our teachers talked about it?

    What are you guys going to do in term 4?

    From Aidan.

  7. Hi 5/6CS,

    My name is Chelsea and I come from Upper Plenty Primary School, Victoria, Australia.

    Last term our class and 4/5P, foucused on federation as well. I found out that in 1901, the first Priminister was used. It was Edmund Barton. Fedaration was a big deal back then. Australians would have votes to see if they should have seperate or individual govenments for each state. Others would debate over the whole country having a govenment for all of the country.

    This term we are learning about Migrants and smugglers. We have watched some BTN videos before and they are great. Your speaker this week chose a good website to watch a video on!

    Hope you enjoy learning about federation!

    Happy Blogging! :) :) :)


  8. Hello everyone,

    We both think if we were them we would be worried and scared that we had to live there for a while, then come to Australia. But when we got to Australia we would be happy to live in a better community and have better people that would appreciate you. We would feel greatful that we would have a roof over our heads and food on our plates.

    We hope to here from you soon,

    Monique and Lily

  9. Dear 5/6CS,

    My name is Eve and I’m from 5/6JC and go to Upper Plenty Primary School in Victoria, Australia. At the start of Term 3, our class and 4/5P watched a few videos about Immigration. They were very interesting and we watched one very recently and it was the same one that was shared by one of your speakers. In history, an example of an ‘exodus’ is the Germans that went to South Australia.
    P.S Feel free to visit my blog:

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