Family Christmas traditions

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This is our last week of school and Christmas is approaching fast. I have been thinking about some of our family traditions at Christmas time.

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Before Christmas we would go looking for a real Christmas tree (just a pine branch really) and stand it in a corner of the room in a bucket with rocks and water. Then we decorated the tree with lots of tinsel and well-loved decorations. The flashing lights were always put on first and the other decorations around those.

On Christmas Eve we tied a large felt Christmas stocking near the end of each child’s bed for Santa to put small presents in. These might be little toys or lollies or stickers or even some yummy treats like a mango. In the morning the children would bring their stockings in to the parent’s bed to unpack them and see what was there. Santa was very fond of coloured popcorn … so that was always included!

We put out a plate of cake for Santa and a drink of some kind as well as a carrot for Rudolf and the other reindeer too.

What special family traditions do you have at Christmas time?   

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  1. My family goes to my grandad’s house and has lunch and we also do a surprise box. It is usually where everybody brings something wrapped up and each person chooses a present in turn. They unwrap it but if someone else wants that present they can take it and you choose again. It can be really funny!

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