Vote for our new pet

Thanks for all your suggestions about which cyberpet we should choose next.

Now is the chance to have your say. You can vote for as many of the pets as you like – but please just vote for each pet you want once so we can be sure that it is the most popular.

Remember that you can have a look at these pets by going to

Which cyber pet should we choose next? free polls 

Think about WHY those pets would be good as we may have to vote in class if the online vote is tied!

Cheers. Ms D



6 thoughts on “Vote for our new pet

  1. G’day Ms Davison,
    I tried to vote but I don’t think it counted as I didn’t get sent to the page showing me the results of your poll.

    You might have to put in the embed code again for the voting. Remember to stay in HTML view after you have published it. Next time you start a new post, then change back to visual view.

    • Hi Lachlan – so far this is only our second pet. The first one was a panda, which I chose. The lion cub can do a few different things – including purr and yowl (its yowl gave me a fright a few minutes ago!) I think that next year we will probably change our pet every month, unless the class votes to keep one for longer.
      Cheers. Ms D

  2. Hi everyone – I found out that I needed to change the setup of the online voting survey to allow for lots of different people to log on from school … so in the end we voted by a show of hands. 😉 Next time I’ll set it up better!

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