Maths work shops

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3-4 Davison and 3-4 Ashman have been doing maths work shops.

We have been doing work on problem solving.

The activities are fun but challenging at different levels.

Then after that we do a reflection about what we have done and the strategies we used to figure out the answer.

We share it with our group and share our reflections with the classes.

By Lauren and Eboni

6 Responses to “Maths work shops”

  1.   Pau Says:

    I like maths workshop it’s cool!


  2.   amelia Says:

    What are you doing in maths workshop?
    It looks like hard work.


  3.   viv Says:

    wow Eboni


  4.   ips14carter Says:

    Those problems look hard. How many problems do you think you can solve?


  5.   ips15lauren Says:

    I dont know how many problems I have solved normly I do them with my friend thats in my group.


  6.   pickleo97688453 Says:

    what are they learning about

    it looks fun

    pickle out


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