Wood work

In fourth term, Eboni, Andrew, Llewe and Oliver went to the Men’s Shed for 4 Monday  mornings to do woodwork. Dave was mentoring us. We went there on the 14th of October, the 21st of October, the  28th of October and the 11th of November.

We made wooden toys with wheels. Llewe made a ute,  Andrew made a truck, Eboni made a VW car and Oli made a duck on wheels. We used a drill press, a dremmel and a bench sander as well as abrasive paper to smooth the wood. Eboni had to wear her hair up so that it didn’t get caught in any machinery. Dave told us about a lady who was helping her husband on a farm and her hair got caught in a drill press and was ripped out!

We all had lots of fun and when we finished our work, we were able to take them back to school to show our friends and our teacher. We each got a cool certificate as well.


 By Eboni and Andrew




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