A new class pet?

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Hi everyone, you have done a great job feeding our class panda pet! I think that soon we will be ready to get a different class pet. Some people have been visiting other blogs and looking at their pets.¬†You can also click on the words ‘bunnyhero labs’ just under our panda to see what other pets are available.

What pet would you like next and why would that be a great pet to have?

11 Responses to “A new class pet?”

  1.   Pau Says:

    I would have a monkey because they are my favourite animal.


  2.   ips15andrew Says:

    I think a dog, or a snake, or a cheetah, or a polar bear, or a tiger, or a brown bear. I’d be happy with any of those.


  3.   ips15lauren Says:

    I think a lion cub or a pig would be cool. There are lots of different animals on there.I think most of them are really cute!


  4.   amelia Says:

    I think that a pig or a lion cub or a turtle or a llama would be good. But there are lots to choose from on there.


  5.   Angel Says:

    I think a hamster
    a pink one


  6.   Eboni Says:

    I think a kitten or a sheep. They are all very cute though.


  7.   Blondie Says:

    I think a hamster or a fox but I love every pet


  8.   Paris Says:

    I think a lion cub,
    puppy or tiger would be cool.


  9.   phoebe Says:

    I think a lion cub, a tiger or a puppy.
    ;) :) 8) 8) 8) :) ;)
    They’re all cute!!!!!!


  10.   Will Says:

    I think a duck, lion cub or bat.


  11.   ips14carter Says:

    I think duck too.


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