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The Halloween Spirit Photo Credit: JD Hancock via Compfight

Welcome to our blog for 2014 student bloggers!  I am really looking forward to getting to know you this year and sharing lots of exciting activities this year, especially in Science, ICT and Art … oh, and Maths and English and … :-) I guess I am excited about nearly everything (except perhaps marking)!

What are you most looking forward to this year?

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Hi everyone,

This is our last week of school and Christmas is approaching fast. I have been thinking about some of our family traditions at Christmas time.

Cozy ChristmasCreative Commons License Photo Credit: Steve Wall via Compfight

Before Christmas we would go looking for a real Christmas tree (just a pine branch really) and stand it in a corner of the room in a bucket with rocks and water. Then we decorated the tree with lots of tinsel and well-loved decorations. The flashing lights were always put on first and the other decorations around those.

On Christmas Eve we tied a large felt Christmas stocking near the end of each child’s bed for Santa to put small presents in. These might be little toys or lollies or stickers or even some yummy treats like a mango. In the morning the children would bring their stockings in to the parent’s bed to unpack them and see what was there. Santa was very fond of coloured popcorn … so that was always included!

We put out a plate of cake for Santa and a drink of some kind as well as a carrot for Rudolf and the other reindeer too.

What special family traditions do you have at Christmas time?   

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At Illawarra Primary School we are selling worm wine  for $2.00 a liter. We have five worm farms where we put all our apple cores, banana peels and other vegetable scraps. Along with some horse poo, this is a rich diet for the worms. We have damp newspaper on the top and bottom. The worms eat all the vegetable and stuff and make worm wine.  It is so so good for your garden. You can put it on straight or dilute it so it is not so strong for your delicate vegetables or plants.

We are going to use the money raised to buy vegetable plants for our vegie garden.

Do you have a vegetable garden? What do you grow?

By Andrew

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Our class has pet frogs for Science. We think they are Brown Tree Frogs, which are very common in Tasmania. We are learning about waterways inTasmania and the animals that live in them.

We had the frogs since they were tadpoles and it was fascinating to watch  them turn into frogs. 

We have been feeding them boiled lettuce frozen into ice cubes when they were tadpoles and  fruit-flies and grubs (they were a failure) when they turned into frogs.

They live in a fish tank with leaves, sticks, stones and water. We are going to release them into our school frog pond soon. The image is from the DPIPWE site  at http://www.dpipwe.tas.gov.au/inter.nsf/WebPages/SJON-5447WG?open  If you go to this site you can click on a link and hear the frog’s call.

By Paris and Byron

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On Thursday 21st of November there was an all schools triathlon. Lots of schools competed to take part and have a go, it didn’t matter if you came 1st, 2nd, 3rd or last. It only mattered if you took part and had fun.

It took place from 9.30 to 3.00. The individual took part first, then team. The races go from grade  3, grade 4, grade 5, grade 6.

 It was raining all day and extremely cold if you were a  swimmer. The water was as if you were swimming in between ice bergs in Antarctica!

No matter what the weather every one had fun including the teachers.

If you hit the top of the tent,  rain water poured down the sides like a bucket of water.

By Oli B, Llewe and Brodie


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Thanks for all your suggestions about which cyberpet we should choose next.

Now is the chance to have your say. You can vote for as many of the pets as you like – but please just vote for each pet you want once so we can be sure that it is the most popular.

Remember that you can have a look at these pets by going to http://bunnyherolabs.com/

Which cyber pet should we choose next?
pollcode.com free polls 

Think about WHY those pets would be good as we may have to vote in class if the online vote is tied!

Cheers. Ms D


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3-4 Davison and 3-4 Ashman have been doing maths work shops.

We have been doing work on problem solving.

The activities are fun but challenging at different levels.

Then after that we do a reflection about what we have done and the strategies we used to figure out the answer.

We share it with our group and share our reflections with the classes.

By Lauren and Eboni

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In fourth term, Eboni, Andrew, Llewe and Oliver went to the Men’s Shed for 4 Monday  mornings to do woodwork. Dave was mentoring us. We went there on the 14th of October, the 21st of October, the  28th of October and the 11th of November.

We made wooden toys with wheels. Llewe made a ute,  Andrew made a truck, Eboni made a VW car and Oli made a duck on wheels. We used a drill press, a dremmel and a bench sander as well as abrasive paper to smooth the wood. Eboni had to wear her hair up so that it didn’t get caught in any machinery. Dave told us about a lady who was helping her husband on a farm and her hair got caught in a drill press and was ripped out!

We all had lots of fun and when we finished our work, we were able to take them back to school to show our friends and our teacher. We each got a cool certificate as well.


 By Eboni and Andrew




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Big. small. fat. sharp. all colours. thin. white. black. teary. wet. untouchable. Eyes move for us, without them we wouldn’t be able to see. eyes blink and shudder. They see in the dark.  Small as rats, strong as baseball bats. Gleaming and glancing like sharks in the night swimming through the sea.


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Hi everyone, you have done a great job feeding our class panda pet! I think that soon we will be ready to get a different class pet. Some people have been visiting other blogs and looking at their pets. You can also click on the words ‘bunnyhero labs’ just under our panda to see what other pets are available.

What pet would you like next and why would that be a great pet to have?