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  1. Yesterday on the 31.03.14 we travelled by bus to the Northern Midlands Athletics Carnival being held at the St Leonards running track.
    When we got there the track looked amazing and the team of 26 runners was excited to get started. I competed in the 800 metres and the 1500 metres. In the 800 metres I got 2nd behind Adam from Hagley Farm School. In the 1500 metres I came 5th and my knee swelled up during the second lap. Leo in grade 3 ran excellent. He came 3rd in the 400 metres, 1st in his 100 metre heat and 2nd in the 200 metres. For the day our uniforms looked awesome. Every one was complimenting about them. Ashley also did really well. At school he threw in shot put 8.1 metres but at the Northern Midlands he threw 9.15 metres. All around it was an excellent day and I had a great experience doing the whole day. My greatest challenge was running the 1500. That was really difficult.

  2. On Monday the 31st of March a lot of Longford Children went to Northern Midlands for athletics. I went in a lot of events I did really well. There were lots of really fast people there and there was also lots of people having fun also giving it a go which was good to see. In the girls grade 5/6 we came 4th which wasn’t too bad and we had a great time. I came first in my long jump, shot put and vortex which I was very happy with. Also it was good to meet up with some of my friends that I haven’t seen latterly. I watched one race and there was about 70 or 80 metres ahead which was amazing.

  3. Northern Midlands
    On March the 31st a group of primary children went to the Northern Midlands Athletics Carnival to compete in a range of running and field events. I was in the 800m, 200m, 100m, long jump and 100m. In the 200m I came 3rd and that was cool. The best thing of the day was when the 5\6 girls group was coming 3rd but then the Deloraine group only just beat us. Everyone who went to Northern Midlands tried their best and Longford came back with a lot of places so we should all be proud. The thing that was the best of the day was the 200m because we all very close. The thing I didn’t like was the Long Jump because they didn’t tell me what I came.

  4. At the northen midlands I was in two events. In the first heat I came fourth so I didn’t get in the final. My relay team came fourth but there was a tie for second. So we got a third. Kaleb W got second for heat two but they had time trials and he got fourth. In the 1500 Kaleb W got fith so did Kaleb M. Abbie got first in the 100 meters. Mitchell got third in the hundred. I think Abbie got first in the 1500.

  5. On Monday the 31st of March, a group of grade 3-6 students to compete at the 2014 Northern Midlands athletics carnival at the St Leonards running track. First up was the 800m event from grade 3-6 and Kaleb W came 2nd. Then the long jump event was on and Ricky C came 4th, losing to 3rd place by just one centimetre! Later on in the 1500m event, Kaleb came 2nd with an awesome effort. In the 100m Abbie B came 2nd, and her brother Mitchell came 3rd. Leo B came 1st for the grade 3’s. During the 100, the vortex event was going on. Tom from Hagley came 1st, Jashiah B came 2nd from Preth. I came 3rd with a trrow of 38.79m. At the end of the day we competed in the relays. Jack G’s team came 3rd and my team came 4th. Overall I had a great day and I hope I can go to the Northern Midlands Carnival for the Cross Country.

  6. One Monday the 31st of March 2014 we went to the northern midlands athletics carnival by bus . It was an amazing time to watch everyone and see how much faster and hader it was. I like the way everyone got along and encaged everyone to do their best .I went in five races 800m ,100 m ,100 final 1500m , 400m and relay . Well done to everyone that had a go well done to my relay team and all of the other relay . we all had fun and we all did our best and we are all happy about it .


  7. Monday 31/03/2014
    On Monday a group of people that were selected to participate for Longford at the northern midlands athletic carnival at St Leonards sport centre I was not selected but I went along to help Mrs Scott marcel the kids into their lines it was really confusing a start with the number card but Jada and I got used to it throw out the day it was cold at start but it got hot after that our new Longford sports uniforms look really fabulous boys and girls wear the same tops but boys wear shorts and girls wear skirts Longford done really well in most events the events that were at the carnival were short put, vortex, 800m, 200m, 1500m, 100m,100m final, 400m and the relays I am really proud of Longford primary school it was tiring day for everyone even teachers. Emelyn

  8. My day at the northern midlands
    On the 31st of March 2014 I was selected with a whole bunch of other people from our school who had come first second or third at the athletics carnival I had got selected to go for shock put and vortex. Our school was the first to arrive. The first event was the 800m soon enough I was called over for grade six vortex I came fourth only because some girls were not getting fouls when they stepped over the line but I didn’t care next I went to shock put I came fourth again like before their were cheaters but I didn’t care as I walked back to where we sat and watched the last races I walked out thinking im proud of myself and really enjoyed the day.
    by chloe

  9. On Monday 31th of march I to the northern midlands I saw a fast people running for the 100m I came 3 and I went to the finials and I came 4 and for 200m I came 3 in it and for the 400m I came 5 and for the 1500m I came 5 and and for the relay I came 3 I saw a tit race in grade 3 and 4 and 6 and I my grade it was some fast people race me but it was a good race and some of the Longford people came a place and I well tell you some people michell, abbie, kalebw , me , jack g ,William ,toby.


  10. Northern Midlands
    On Monday 31st of March a group of athletes went to the Northern Midlands and competed against a number of schools. Everybody had at least one race and everybody was happy they made it there. We ran at st Leonards running track. When we arrived there we had to set up the tarp and sun tent. Everybody was nervous and excited at the same time. When all of us sat down and were preparing for our races we felt a little better. Everyone did well and our school uniform was noticed by a range of schools and parents I participated in 400m and long jump every one tried so hard and personally I am very happy with what all of us came because they were really hard.


  11. Northern Midlands
    On the 31st of March a group of athletes were selected to participate in the northern Midlands athletics carnival where we all participated in an event that we came first in. When we arrived at the St Leonards running track we set up our tarp and sun tents. Soon it began with events running all day. Every time someone from our school was running we all stood against the fence and cheered for our team mates. Over all I loved the day and I think everyone loved the day as much as I did.
    By Toby.

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