Ragged Alligators

Literacy Task

Students worked in groups of three to write a short story using a specific list of words.

Those words were; ragged,  alligator, slithered, stamp, pancakes, arrange, dart, hissed, trade, coins, iguana, admire, scrambled, collected and sticky.

Some groups arranged their words before they started writing for example, Romana said, “We arranged our words into two groups, words we have used before and words we haven’t used before.”

See if you can write a short story and paste it here as a comment.

10 thoughts on “Ragged Alligators

  1. Once upon a time there was an iguana named Jim and every morning he ate pancakes because he is very, very strange. Jim liked to arrange his ragged clothes but he always got pancake mixture on them.
    One day he went to get something to eat near the lake but there was danger near the lake, he didn’t notice that there was a BIG… ALLIGATOR!!! Jim didn’t know this so he kept eating his sticky, scrambled fly sandwich and went for a swim. The Alligator named Clive hissed at Jim and threw a tranquilizer dart at him.
    Jim awoke in a smelly, dark trade post, as he looked around he noticed he was tied up and heard gurgling in the water below him. He saw Clive! Slithering towards Jim and as he opened his jaws.
    By Brianah, Brandie and Paige

  2. One monstrous day the ragged iguana scrambled home to arrange his sticky pancakes on a plate. When his friend, the snake, hissed to get his sticky pancakes. The iguana yelled at him to “get out!” So his friend the snake slithered to the alligator’s house to trade his coins he had collected for years because the alligator loved to admire his coin collection. When a dart flew straight past his slimy, scaly, unforgettable face, it scared the ragged iguana for life because he knew he would never get that stamp of the alligator. But in end the ragged iguana fought for that stamp and shot the alligator with a bazooka. That was the end of the alligator’s life.
    By Jasmine, Jazmyn and Olivia

    • Hi Jasmine, Jazmyn and Olivia

      I like your story you have come up with, it was interesting and exciting for me to read.
      I thought it was very funny at the end with the twist.
      Keep up with the good stories and use that as a talent for the future.

      From Brianah

  3. Alligator
    One stormy rainy afternoon I went to a river but only to my relief I saw an alligator. It then slithered to the scrambled pancakes that I had left there last Sunday. Evan though they were scrambled he still ate them. Then I started walking home on the way I found a bag of coins but as I got closer someone or something hissed at me. But that didn’t worry me so I collected them and went off again. When I got home someone was there and he wanted to trade some of my coins for some stamps he also said “the stamps were magical and colourful”. I went into my room and told “him to go away” so he did then he came back at night before I got ready for bed. He said “that he wanted a bag of sticky darts” then he wanted to arrange a good time to meet tomorrow afternoon I said “no”. But he insisted he came back when he came he said “I really do admire that iguana stamp on your fridge”. I then said “thankyou would you like to trade some more food for the stamp?” Then my mum got home and she had bought a ragged old toy alligator.
    Makala, Ebony and Ruby

  4. Sunday morning on a hot summer’s day, it was 32 degrees out so everyone was planning to go to the beach. In that neighbourhood on the freeway lived a 12 year old boy named Luke Vin Goolen. Luke loved to eat pancakes with honey and watch Home and Away in his undies.

    That morning Luke woke up at 6:30am so he could eat pancakes and catch the replay of Home and Away. When he was making pancakes he accidently spilt the honey over him and he was all sticky. He ate the pancakes anyway and he said, “they were deficient in flavour”. 2 hours later his mum wanted to go to the beach. Luke was to dumb to say anything to his mum and when it was time to get out of the car he got stuck to the car seat. Luke knew he was in for a day of hell. He finally got unstuck and his mum gave him 3, $2 coins encase he wanted to buy something. On the way down to the sand, Luke saw someone swimming like an alligator in the water. As the man slithered up to the shore he ran over to the man and asked him if he wanted to trade his money for a drink. The man said he may be able to arrange something. Luke got tricked. The special arrangement was $6 for a stamp that said,” I admire you” on it.
    As he walked to his mum he tripped over and ripped his clothes on a rock. Now he looked ragged. He jumped back up and he thought he saw an iguana so he screamed out,” IGUANA”! After this everybody scrambled. He looked at himself. He had rocks stuck to him, sand all over him and he was still completely sticky. So he used his common sense and went for a swim.
    Kaleb, Luke and Ricky

  5. I woke up to find my mum making scrambled pancakes I really admires them. About 2 hours I went to the bank to get some coins I collected the a dart for my dart bourd getting ready for the dart comp. then I remembered that I had to get the groceries but then I got into a sticky situation it turned out the two bullies were there John Johnsten and Alf Fredo slithered over to me I hissed but they said” where is the toy alligator” I have totally forgot. I have to trade the stamp that I bought yesterday the problem was that my little brother had it so it was ragged how can. I fix this ………. I thought “I know my mum has two stamps the same as the one I need I asked her for one and luckly she was in a good mood and said”yes” then I bolted to the two bullies I gave them the stamp and they walked away I could finally get the shopping and when I got home mum gave me five dollars to go to the lolly shop.
    Emelyn, Ann Marie and Chloe

  6. In to the bush we ventured searching for any signs of life to shoot, munching on pancakes while we were at it. Eventually we came across a lagoon in the middle of the bush filled with alligators.

    We scrambled back to our hut to get a dart. When we retuned several alligators were sitting on the ragged rocks on the edge of the lagoon. As we moved closer, the largest one hissed at us and slithered off. WE were scared out of our sticky undies. And then, randomly, an Iguana jumped out from behind a bush and yelled “I found a stamp! I better trade this with my mates! ”
    Just then, the iguana that collected stamps was devoured by an alligator. We took our chance while we had it and shot the alligator in the head with a dart. Then we dragged it back to the local market people gathered round admiring our catch. People threw coins at us. Soon we stared to arrange our HUNDREDS of coins in to piles.
    After the turn of events we were considered warriors and the villages hailed us with more coins and we lived like kings in the village ever after.

  7. On a sticky hot day a ragged iguana slithered and collected all of her coins . She was being admired by the alligator who scrambled towards her to trade his stamps for her coins. The iguana at first hissed in protest as she thought the alligator was trying to steal her precious coins. Eventually after some more admiring looks from the alligator they were able to come to an amicable arrangement and celebrated by sharing some pancakes and a dart game.
    Mr C

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