japan trip 2012

JAPEC trip by Huonville High School



Hold your horses.  Joe is going to upload some pics.  We are now at the camp in Okayama prefecture and haVe just finished breakfast. earlier this morning, we had to sing in front of the whole camp at the morning assembly.  The morning assembly is a big deal with flag raising and exercise and speeches.  We sang  3rounds of “Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree ” and expect an offer do a record deal any time soon.  last night we had to give our presentations.  Max, Timothy, Janara and Jack were delighted when time ran out and they couldn’t present there’s .  Alas they were told this morning that they can present theirs tomorrow instead.  Tough luck!

So my turn (Joe here now) with those snaps:


Green tea

Rotate cup 3 times before drinking. (Why??)

Feeding time at the zoo

Cuppa, anyone?

Never to old to learn



  1. absolutely wonderful what an experience for you all and great to see some photos keep having a great time

  2. How green is that green tea!!
    Sounds brilliant – lots of learning and interaction which is fantastic! Keep up the good work.

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