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JAPEC trip by Huonville High School


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After along but uneventful flight we arrived in Japan to be met by Satomi after clering Customs at 8.00am
She had arranged for a welcome message to be shown on a huge display screen, so of course we had a group shot taken in front of it. Photos will be uploaded soon. On to the bus and we drove to Osaka city through a warm but heavy rain. Since we couldn’t check in until 2.00, we left our luggage at the hotel and set out to explore the city. starvation made the first port of call the food court which runs under the railway, heading toward Osaka station. Initially we wandered up and down checking out the fare before making our choices. Photos of the amazing food will also new posted anon.
HOT, HOT, Hot, so off to Osaka station in search of ice cream. Needs met, we next ventured into a games emporium; 3 floors of gaming heaven for those techno heads amongst us. Loads of fun was had creating arty portraits in the photo booths, too. Mmax had a bit of misfortune, somehow losing his wallet. A quick call home to Paul had his card cancelled and all was well.
A look at the clock showed we had time to do some shopping. IT’s a good thing the shops are air conditioned as lack of sleep and the heat were starting to wear us down. However, intrepid spirits as we are, we battled on and visited a fantastic super store selling everything from perfume to dog food. in ally reaching exhaustion point we staggered back to the hotel for a little snooze.
Tonight we are off to a festival. Satomi is taking us and has warned that it will be very crowded and VERY NOISY!
I’ll post again tomorrow.

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  1. sounds like you are all having a great time cant wait for photos!

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