Guess what!?!?!?

The worlds biggest boy band in the world at the moment, 5 Seconds of Summer have released a new album!

The album AND themselves are number 1 in over 50 different countries!

The track list is:

1. “She Looks So Perfect”
2. “Don’t Stop”

3. “Good Girls”
4. “Kiss Me Kiss Me”
5. “18″

6. “Everything I Didn’t Say”
7. “Beside You”

8. “End Up Here”

9. “Long Way Home”
10. “Heartbreak Girl”
11. “Lost Boy”

12. “Amnesia”

and the Delux Edition has 5 extra songs:

13. English Love Affair

14. Social Casualty
15. Never Be

16. Voodoo Doll
17. Greenlight 




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  1. Jacob said:

    This has gotta be my 2nd favourite album yet!!!

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