Attention! Attention! One Direction New Headline!!!


When Louis Tomlinson from One Direction found out that a stalker aged in his 20′s had been sending his 15-year-old sister Lottie inappropriate text messages and tweets, he was furious. The 1D star has always been very protective of his sisters, especially Lottie! So when she told the entire story to him backstage before the band’s show in Manchester, Louis knew he had to handle the situation himself.Not only did Louis confront the Internet creep about the scary messages, he also let him know that he better not even think about showing up at 1D’s concert!Louis wanted to be focused on playing at one of the biggest venues in the country but his sister comes first and he wanted to make sure he was protecting her.I just found out that Lottie ended up taking a short break from Twitter and other social media and apps, but now she’s back online and seems to be doing fine.

Are you proud of Louis for sticking up for his sister?

Are you happy to see that he always puts his family first? 

Do you wish your brother(s)/sister(s) was/were this protective to you?


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  1. Hi blog owner,
    I am a big One Direction fan.
    Louis is my favorite from the band because he is always sticking up for his family. I do have 1 older sister, and 1 older brother and they are protective but not this protective! Is Louis your favorite, if so, why?
    Thank you,

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