Me and Magic

Hi, today I will be talking about magic. I am so interested in magic because I have seen a magic man live twice. I can do card and money tricks and much more! I have performed at school and at a Christmas party. I like magic because I like to trick people with my tricks, and I even make up some tricks.

I love doing magic if I am happy or sad, awake or sleepy. I can do:

- Bunny out of the Hat

- Cut my Finger off

- The Plate, and much more

I have two favorite magic tricks and they are Coin and the Bottle and Mind Reading. I never give away my secrets to magic. If you ever see me, you will be completely baffled because I am just unbelievable and sensational. I do not have a least favorite trick because I just love them all. I do a performance every year at school, and every year at a Christmas party.

Who has been to a magic concert and what is your favorite trick?

Please comment below! :) Thank You.


  1. What a great first post, Jacob!

    I occasionally see magic tricks being done on TV. The ones that amaze me are when the magician is locked inside a box filled with water and when it opens, suddenly the assistant is there.

  2. Jacob

    I love doing magic too. Thank you for your great post on magic.

    My best trick is getting people sitting around in a circle to pass around a small item while I am out of the room. When I am called back in I can always tell who is hiding it.

    It is probably a bit like your mind reading trick. But no-one will ever know because I never give away my secrets either.

  3. Hi Jacob

    Miss Wyatt told me about how hard everyone from your class has been working on your student blogs.

    I’m intrigued as to how you choose the title of your blog? Was it inspired by the theme you choose or did you choose the theme to fit the title?

    Very cool that you love doing magic tricks. I don’t think I’ve seen a magic show except on TV.

    Sue Waters
    Edublogs Support Manager

  4. Hi Jacob
    I really like watching magic tricks being performed. It is so amazing seeing something that you think is impossible happen. I hope you perform some more magic for the class. You are doing a great job with your blog and I really like your posts.
    Keep blogging Ms B

  5. Hello there Jacob,

    What an interesting ‘interest’ you have in magic. You communicate your enthusiasm for the world of magic very well in this post.

    As a child, here in Ireland I had a lovely Uncle who used take coins out of our ears. I remember going to see a magic man who seemed to take a stream of coins out of my brother’s nose. That certainly made us laugh.
    Even now producing items out of thin air is my favourite trick.

    I think you are right not to give your secrets away. I think to do so takes away the mystery.

    Well done and with every good wish

    Merry Beau

  6. Hi Jacob
    I love doing magic tricks too. My favourite trick is the invisible coin. I love doing this trick because it is very fun to do. I am not allowed to how to do it because I never tell my secrets

    By for now

    1. Hi Thomas,It is good you never give away your secrets because if you tell it to someone they will pass it on to the next person. Then if you perform it people will say “That is not a good trick because I know how it is done.”


  7. Hi Jacob,
    It sounds like you are a big fan of magic. I think magic is a great way to burst all your feelings away and just focus on the magic of magic. I have never performed in a proper magic concert but I really like to do different magic tricks! My favourite trick to do is a card trick. I choose someone to pick a card and look at it but ask them to not show me. I ask them to put it at the bottom of the pack, I shuffle, go through the cards and find the right card! I’m sorry but I’m not going to tell anyone the secret to that. I don’t know many other tricks than that.
    Bye for now,

    1. Hi Annabel,
      my first question for you is what is your least favorite trick? Have you ever watched a magician on the television? What was your first trick you learnt? Thanks for commenting on my blog!

      1. Hey Jacob,
        Thank you for replying to my comment.
        My least favourite trick to perform would be the coin trick. You have one coin in a hand and magically make it appear in the other. I’m sure you have heard of it and maybe even are clever enough to know how to do it! The first MAGIC trick I ever learnt would actually be the card trick I mentioned before. I have watched a magician that has his own T.V show but I don’t have his name of the top of my brain.
        Keep up with blogging.

  8. Hi Jacob,
    It seems like you’re very into magic. I don’t really know any magic tricks though, and have never seen a magic show before! But I like magic because it’s, well, magical! You will be astounded by the trick. That’s the magic of it! And its good to know you never give away your secrets, otherwise it ruins the magic surprise.
    Bye for now,

  9. Hi Jacob,
    It looks like you are very into magic. Do you have any magic kits? I do and I really got people fooled with the magic printer. See you at school
    Bye from Tahlia. :P

  10. Hi Jacob,
    Who is your favourite magician? And who is your favourite escape person? And what is your favourite thing that they have done? Campbell

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