Dot Point Practise

Hi Class

Your activity to practise this week is to answer the following question using dot points.

What do you most look forward to being able to do when you grow up and finish school?

Remember to have fun and let your imaginations go wild! :)

6 thoughts on “Dot Point Practise

  1. When we grow up we want to be singers and dance while we sing. We want to travel to laces we haven’t been to before with our friends.
    Maddison and Isabella

  2. When we grow up we want to
    * be a singer / dancer with our friends
    * be in a band
    * travel the world
    Bridie and Elizabeth

  3. When I grow up
    .1 I want to be good at golf
    .2 I want to be a good hitter
    .3 get lots of $
    .4 have a good time
    .5 and to make friends

  4. 1 I want to make a lot of new friends.
    2 When I grow up I want to go in the army.
    3 I want to make some money $10,0000,0000.

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