If I Could Change One Thing …

Hi Class

I’d love to read your thoughts about what you would change in the world if you had the superpowers to change one thing.


– capital letters

– a variety of punctuation

– interesting sentence starters

– using highlights like B (bold) or I (italics) and

– your wonderful, wild imaginations.

Mrs R

4 thoughts on “If I Could Change One Thing …

  1. I would change how things are in my life because life is difficult for me at the moment. My Dad and brother are interstate and I miss having them around. I would use my magic superpower to bring them back home. Gregory

  2. I would like to change my messy writing because I would like my pen license.

    I would like to change and get better at maths so I can do my division. Elizabeth

  3. I would change my writing because I want to write a lot. I also want to improve my maths because I want to complete bigger sums.

  4. If I could change the world I would make lollies fall out of the sky because everyone loves lollies! My superpower is lolly-making power.

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