Street Swag Morning Tea Fundraiser

Hi everyone

This week our class held a morning tea fundraiser to raise funds to support the homeless through the Street Swags program. Each swag costs $60 and we raised enough money to purchase four swags.

The students had a fantastic time organising the morning tea, making their items, setting up the tables and pricing the food. We had over 26 plates of food for sale and the students put a lot of energy into selling the yummy goodies to their peers and staff.

I asked Charlie to write her thoughts about the experience of organising an event that will benefit the community and these are her thoughts (verbatim):

On Tuesday the 10th of December, Class 3/4 did a fundraiser. It was to raise money for the homeless. We raised $232.90. We have got over the amount of money we expected. I have learnt that I only need a little bit of money to change someone’s life.

It was a very successful day. I liked tring to perswade people to buy Jelly Slice. I didn’t like taking breaks. I just loved selling my Jelly slice. It felt really good to help other people.

I was getting feedback from allsorts of people. They were saying: They are so nice, they are delisous, Oh My God they’re so nice and I was pleased with the feed-back I was getting. I now know to make them again at the next stall. I’m bursting with joy that we have helped 4 people. I was amazed we made $232.90. It was appauling how some people went to the canteen instead of our stall. It was an amazing day. Charlie

A great result from a great class. Well done everyone. Always remember that you can make anything happen if you put your mind to it.

Ms T



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