Marine Discovery Centre!

On  the 20/11/13 we went into room 2 to the Marine Discovery Centre (which had come to our school for two days). When we got there we had to sit on the mat and listen to Andrew Walsh, the person that worked there. He had a telescope and put a crab, star fish and a sea snail under the microscope so we could see it on the Smartboard. Then he gave us an activity to do and we where picking up stuff. It was cool. IT WAS FUN!

I just would like to say a huge thanks to Ms T for organising all this for us.

And a huge thanks to Andrew for coming all the way to our school.


2 thoughts on “Marine Discovery Centre!

  1. Jazmyn, thank you for creating this post; it shows great initiative. I’m also glad you had fun with the activities and exhibits that the Woodbridge Marine Discovery Centre brought to our school.

    There were so many activities that we did, I’m having trouble remembering them all. I remember seeing the invertebrates on the Smartboard that Andrew put under the microscope and I remember the flounder paint activity (because I had to help wash everyone’s hands).

    Can you remember what the other activities were?

    From Ms T

  2. Dear Ms T,

    Yes I do they were the crab one and the painting the dolphin and all that and that’s all.

    From Jazmyn xoxo

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